Bevlyn’s thoughts: If We Hold On Together

Somehow I feel that the door gifts for weddings are getting more and more interesting recently, and Junyou and Sylvia’s wedding certainly set a wave with Molton Brown:

Sylvia chose the moving song, ‘If We Hold On Together’ as the 1st march-in song, and we continued to perform a string of classics like Vincent, Moon River, throwing in pop songs like One Boy One Girl, and 爱你不是两三天 (I’ve Been Loving You For Quite A While) once in a while.

What we loved for that afternoon was a spontaneous performance by a friend of Junyou and Sylvia – Jen came up to us and said she would love to sing a song for the couple, and of course we were more than happy to say yes! She decided on the mandarin pop song 理想情人 (Ideal Lover) .

And the appreciative couple enjoyed the serenade by Jen:


Congratulations to Junyou and Sylvia who are going to Japan after the wedding to start a new life together! We wish you a wonderful life ahead with loads of joy, love and laughter!

Band: Bevlyn & Joel

Check out this funky gown specially tailored to Sylvia’s liking –  she wanted checkered patterns, and she got them!

L-R: Bevlyn, Sylvia, Junyou, Joel


If We Hold On Together (1st March-in), Moon River, Eyes On Me, La Vie En Rose, Vincent, Fly Me To The Moon, And The Angels Sing, Grow Old With You, One Boy One Girl, 理想情人 (Ideal Lover), 甜蜜蜜 (Sweetness), Somewhere Over The Rainbow

L-O-V-E (2nd March-in), Eternal Love, 黑白配 (Ebony & Ivory), 爱你不是两三天 (I’ve Been Loving You For Quite A While), True, Masterpiece, You Light Up My Life, Sway, Falling For You, I Knew I Loved You