How do you describe a one-man show?

When you have Jee Yon performing on vocals and guitar, and on top of it emcee in both English and Mandarin 😱

Compliments from Li Meng & Vivian: “Thanks for emceeing for our wedding, so many guests expressed how amazing you were, even thought we had such a talented friend!” 
Congratulations Li Meng & Vivian!! We wish you eternal love and happiness!! 💖

Fullerton Singapore Wedding Emcee MC Singer Live Band

L-R: Jee Yon (vocals, guitar & emcee), Li Meng & Vivian

Fullerton Singapore Wedding Emcee MC Singer Live Band

Check out some clips of Jee Yon performing and emceeing:


*1st set of 7*
1. Lucky (Jason Marz)
2. The one (kodaline)
3. Fly me to the moon (frank Sinatra)
4. Sunday morning (maroon 5)
5. 告白气球 (jay Chou)
6. Beautiful in white (west life)
7. Flashlight (Jessie J)
*2nd set of 7*
1. This I promise you (NSYNC)
2. Love me (Colin raye)
3. His Long will I love you (Ellie Goulding)
4. Follow me (Uncle Kracker)
5. Wonderwall (follow me)
6. 我爱你 (Ah Lin)
7. Marry me (train)
*3rd set of 6*
1. Amazed (lonestar)
2. 每天都爱你一些 (Jacky Cheung Chinese version)
3. Say you won’t let go (James Arthur)
4. You and me (life house)
5. I do (colbie Calliat)
6. Dear future husband (Megan Trainor)