Bevlyn’s thoughts: I Wanna Make It With You

Not all wedding banquets are for young couples who have yet to experience married life. Cleo and Rayner have been married for three years, and have a little baby boy called Asher.

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The beautiful family: Rayner, Cleo and Asher
The wedding was a cosy one, held in the small but elegant Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel. The decor of the room was opulent and grand, truly an ideal place for intimate gatherings.

With only 10 tables, Rayner and Cleo did not have to make a speech; they took their time to toast their guests at each table, and interact with their friends and family. (They probably took a leaf from Vincent and Sin Yee’s wedding.)

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Never too late to wear a wedding gown!
We had a great time performing for Rayner and Cleo, and we were rewarded by the enthusiastic applause at the end of our performance.

P.S. An enduring memory of Cleo and Rayner’s wedding is the sight of baby Asher, wearing diapers and a pair of angel wings, being held by Cleo and Rayner as they marched in. Asher was so cute!

Update: Thanks, Cleo, for providing the picture!

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Band: Bevlyn, ZQ, Matthew and Wilson

We were mighty impressed with Matthew, a young and humble chap who knows his stuff. We hope to work with him more often!


Anyone who’s a fan of American Idol will agree with me that one of the most important factors of the competition is: Song choice!

Similarly, choosing a list of songs for your wedding can be tough. It’s nigh impossible to please everyone.

Initially, Cleo wanted quite a few ‘alternative’ songs for her wedding. However, she changed her mind later on, and included more mainstream classics. She even requested You’re Beautiful by James Blunt. Of course, we changed the lyrics for her. (see Hock Ann’s 20th wedding anniversary)

Everlasting Love, For Your Babies, Grow Old With You, When You Say Nothing At All, Every Day I Love You, You’re Beautiful, The Look Of Love, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Somebody, Close To You, I Wanna Make It With You, Endless Love

Wedding Tip:

It’s never too late to hold a wedding celebration, and do involve your children!

Compliments from Cleo:

Hi Bevlyn and the rest of the band,

Thank you very much for your performance last Sat… it was great! We had a blast, and we were really glad we decided on a small and cosy wedding. At least we had time to mingle with our guests and take loads of pix! My friends all said you guys sang well! Great job!

Thank you once again!