Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: A Tale Of Four Cities

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Maddy and Royston
Photograph by Touch Studio, from KL, Malaysia
Apart from singing, Bevlyn and I sometimes take on the additional responsibility of hosting as well. So when Royston asked me to host his wedding, I went on to find out more about him and Maddy. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Eh, so how did you know Maddy?”
R (Royston): “Well, it started five years ago. I was working in Hong Kong at the time; Maddy and I were colleagues. Our relationship didn’t happen right away, it sorta developed gradually.”

Me: “Okay, so both of you fell in love in Hong Kong…”
R: “Er, not exactly. We fell in love when it was time for me to leave Hong Kong for another posting in Malaysia. I worked there for another two years, so Maddy and I had an LDR.”

Me: “Right. Has anyone said to you before that your timing sucks? Okay, so where did you propose? Hong Kong? Malaysia?”
R: “Neither. In Japan. I bought the ring, carried it along with me from Malaysia to Hong Kong, where I joined Maddy in our flight to Japan. I managed to keep it from her until we reached Tokyo, and I proposed to her at the highest storey of the Tokyo Tower.”

Me: “That’s a great story, man! She must have been so surprised! So where will you be setting up your family. Hong Kong? Malaysia? Japan?”
R: “Wrong again. By a stroke of luck, my company gave me a posting here, in Singapore. Maddy’s quitting her job, and leaving her family in Hong Kong to be with me here.”

Me: “You’re confusing me man. But congratulations all the same!!”

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple)

When you love someone, it will not be complicated, because true love will always find a way, as illustrated by the endearing love story of this golden couple.

Maddy’s good friends from Hong Kong had specially flown in to attend the wedding celebration (even though they will have another one in Hong Kong a week after).

Royston was very considerate to his gorgeous wife for he requested a few Cantonese songs specially for her and her friends. When Hsin Yeow announced he was going to sing 幸福摩天轮 (Ferris Wheel), the friends from Hong Kong cheered, totally caught by the surprise. They joined in his singing, and one of Maddy’s girlfriends even cried, overwhelmed by emotions that the lyrics bring about.

The highlight of the celebration had to be when Royston surprised Maddy with a song She. During rehearsal, Royston was a bunch of nerves, especially since he could only practise a few minutes with the band on the day itself. He jokingly requested to practise “a million more times” with the band, but obviously it couldn’t happen. All the bravery did not go to waste – Maddy was touched and and looked at him appreciatively. He was handsomely-rewarded with a kiss from her at the end of his singing. And of course, also to the cheers of the guests.

This wedding gig also marked the first we were given the green light to use Fullerton’s sound system. And it was fantastic!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Ein Ein and Wilson

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
L-R: Roddy, Maddy, Bevlyn, Ein Ein, Hsin Yeow


Somewhere Over The Rainbow (1st march-in), Dream A Little Dream, When You Say Nothing At All, I Only Want To Be With You, She, Valentine, When A Man Loves A Woman, 遇见 (Encounter), 幸福摩天轮 (Ferris Wheel), Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Something Stupid

When I Fall In Love (2nd march-in), Fly Me To The Moon, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Quando Quando Quando, 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), L-O-V-E, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, You Light Up My Life, The Way You Look Tonight, I Believe, What A Wonderful World

Song To Recommend:

Without a doubt, 幸福摩天轮 (Ferris Wheel). I loved it the moment I heard it. If you know Cantonese, check out the marvellous lyrics. The song likens life’s ups and downs to a Ferris Wheel ride. And as long as you have someone you love by your side, happiness will follow.

Wedding Tips:

(1) If your spouse is from another country, choose a few songs from her homeland
(2) Perform a song for your spouse!

Compliments from Ken, the photographer:

It was a pleasure to meet Ken (Black Box Photography) again. We first encountered each other at Jeremy and Joyce’s wedding.

Hi Hsin Yeow,

It was a great pleasure seeing you and Bev again, even better – hearing the both of you! Yes the sound system did you guys justice! Can’t wait to hear you both agan.


Compliments from Royston and Maddy:

Hi Hsin Yeow & Bev,

Thank you for helping make our wedding dinner a most unforgettable experience. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the music and commented that the whole event was made even more magical by the wonderful songs sung.

Royston & Maddy