Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Time After Time

A week later, I’m back in this beautiful white ballroom for Simon and Dening’s wedding. I knew that the couple would be having their solemnization at the rooftop, and the banquet manager whom I know well cajoled me to leave my sound check for a while to go up and see for myself the beautiful scenery. True enough, the view was breath-taking, what an excellent place to exchange your vows!

Simon hails from UK, and I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly his family guests were – they said ‘Hello’ to Ian and I when they saw us at the lift!

The wedding was really a very informal and casual affair. While I was waiting for the wedding to commence, a gorgeous lady in cheongsam popped over to me and said,”Hi, I’m Dening!”. We quickly confirmed again that there would be no march-in of any sort, and dinner commenced shortly after a welcome speech by Simon.

Ian and I performed a good mix of jazz, pop repertoire, and I was pleasantly surprised that Dening requested for my original song ‘Play With Me’

After a heart-warming speech by Dening’s twin sister (we thought we were seeing double), Dening’s brother shared with the guests a interesting photo montage he put up – here’s a picture of Dening and her twin sister!

A very western setup – long tables!

Here’s wishing Simon and Dening a wonderful married life ahead, filled with love, joy and blessings. May you always remember time after time how wonderful your wedding was. Congratulations!

: Bevlyn & Ian


La Vie en Rose, Come Away with Me, Quiet nights of quiet stars, Time After Time, A Love Song (To Show You How I Feel), The Nearness of You, 牵手 (Holding Hands), My Funny Valentine, A Love That Will Last, Misty, Stuck on You, Wonderful Tonight, 家后 (Queen Of The House), 当我八十岁 (When I’m 80), Play with Me, My Romance, It’s Always You, Two Sleepy People, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, The Way You Look Tonight, That’s All, What A Wonderful World

Compliments from Dening:

Hello Bevlyn!

Thank you so much for writing such sweet words about our wedding. Simon and I really wished we could kick back and relax, eating, and enjoying your music instead of running around chatting with our guests.. I’m so going to persuade my soon-to-be-getting-married friends to engage your band so I can enjoy the music, heh.

Thank you once again.