In view of the COVID-19 situation, Dr Bertrand and Dr Zhu Yen‘s wedding celebration took the necessary precautions, by arranging to have an extra table of reception for temperature taking of their guests. We were impressed by the organisation, and their guests were treated to this super cute animation to kick-start the event:

Furama City Centre Wedding Ballroom

They had the military style march-in, and Bertrand had to kiss his bride for the longest time ever…..

Furama City Centre Wedding Ballroom

Thank you for having Irwin (vocals) + Celeste (piano) perform at your wedding celebration!

Furama City Centre Wedding Ballroom

Furama City Centre Wedding BallroomL-R: Irwin (vocals), Bertrand & Zhu Yen, Celeste (piano)

We are also happy to receive this compliments from Zhu Yen!

Singapore wedding live band review

Congratulations to you and here’s wishing you eternal joy and blessed marriage ahead!

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