Judy’s thoughts: 一支小雨伞 (A Small Umbrella)

The couple had specially requested for me to learn a song, which I almost said no to due to time constraints. However, they felt that it was a song they really wanted so I obliged.

It was drizzling slightly when I made my way to Furama Riverfront and it naturally made me think of the song I had specially learnt for the couple “一支小雨伞” (A Small Umbrella).

I suppose it was a clear indication that this song must be sung that day and I was glad I learnt it. I stepped into the ballroom and the groom was there, awaiting us. He seemed pretty cool and composed, all set and ready for his big day.

I only got to see the bride during the 1st march-in and oh my, she’s this young, delicate flower who looks divine in her turquoisey blue gown that showed off her pearly white skin so well.

Seeing the couple so joyful, I was glad I made their day with their special requests and entertained their guests with our music. Thank you Cal and Ginny, for having us there at your special day. May your life be filled with love always.

Band: Jun Xiong, Judy, Iwee, Ali

L-R: Judy, Ginny, Cal, Jun Xiong, Iwee, Ali

I Do (Cherish You), Truly Madly Deeply, My Valentine, 天天夜夜 (Day And Night), Now And Forever, 一支小雨伞 (One Small Umbrella), Forever Love, How Deep Is Your Love, The Gift, 今天你要嫁给我 (Marry Me Today), At The Beginning, 小夫妻 (Couple) (2nd March-in)


Hi All,

Thanks for your wonderful performance at our wedding dinner at Furama Riverfront Hotel, Venus ballroom on 3rd July 2010.

We really enjoyed the songs that the band has performed and our guests are fascinated when the hokkien song, A Little Umbrella, was sung.

Special thanks to Judy who puts in so much effort to learn the song, despite the late notice.

Overall, the band has put up a fabulous performance which was very entertaining and our guests were very happy. (My grandmother and friends were very impressed.)

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the night’s event and definitely we would recommend A Little Dream to anyone who are looking for a live band or emcee for their events.

We wish A Little Dream success in future performances! 🙂

Thank you.

Best regards,
Ginny & Cal