Christina’s Thoughts: Bubbly

Francis and Jessica seemed to be a really bubbly, exciting and fun couple.

I particularly enjoyed the wedding montage because it was lively and creative.

They must be music lovers, singing for them was a really pleasant experience because of the random smiles that they flashed at us.

Seated at dinner, I could see Jessica singing along with the song with a blissful smile worn on her face.
It’s a heart warming sight to see the bride and groom relaxed and soaking up everyone’s blessing and presence.

I sincerely wish Francis and Jessica with a whole life time of exciting days ahead and hope that they would continue to soak up all the goodness revolving them. 😀

L to R: Clarence, Christina, Francis, Jessica & ZQ

Zheng Quan, Christina & Clarence


小夫妻 (Small Couple), 你最珍贵 (You’re Most Precious), At The Beginning, I Finally Found Someone, In Love with You,Somewhere Out There, 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing), When You Tell Me That You Loved Me, Valentine, 每天爱你多一些 (Loving You More Each Day), For the First Time, Grow Old With You