Jun Yong‘s proposal to Eunice was an elaborate affair ; he booked the whole restaurant that Eunice used to work at, and had the help of friends & families to make the surprise proposal a successful one. Eunice recalled this as one of the highlights in their relationship, for other than the touching speech, Jun Yong even put together a montage that made friends & families teared as well.

Furama river front wedding

Thank you for having Yokez (vocals & emcee) and Isaac (vocals & guitar) for your wedding host and music entertainment. We wish you even more sweet memories and exciting adventures to come!


1. 我可以 – 蔡旻佑 (Dating song )
2. 告白气球 – 周杰伦 (Proposal song )
3. 终于等到你 – 张靓颖 (Proposal song )
4. 有点甜 – 汪苏泷 and By2
5. 让我为你唱情歌 – 萧敬腾
6. Marry me – 萧敬腾
7. Forever love – 王力宏
8. 简单爱 – 周杰伦
9. 最重要的决定 – 范玮琪
10.对的人 – 戴爱玲
11. 我只在乎你 – 邓丽君
12.月亮代表我的心 – 邓丽君

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