Band: Bevlyn (vocals), Nicky (vocals), Meimei (Piano), Melvin (Bass Guitar)

We love surprises. Or well, we love to throw surprises on others. So when we realised that Genevieve’s father Stephen was engaging the band as a surprise gift for Genevieve and Jan-Erik, we were thrilled. It was like meeting up with an old friend again, because we also performed for Stephen’s son’s wedding, and his mother’s 80th birthday celebration a few years back!

Part of the process of the surprise was to ascertain songs that the guests and the couple would enjoy, so we had to find that out through Stephen, and one of the bridesmaids Joyce. As guests at weddings usually have different music preferences, it is important to us that we perform songs that the guests will enjoy!

We love this reception area at Marriott Singapore, simply because of the large reception area, and the cushy red walls!

Jan-Erik’s brother gave a speech, and spring another surprise on the couple, by sharing a music video of their family singing a song together (complete with some dance moves and even cart wheels). It was professionally shot, and it so lovely captured everyone’s joy in that moment of time. What a lovely present!

The couple was also gamed to play one of the most popular wedding games – The Shoe 👠Game. Guess who cries when a sad movie is on? (You might be surprised by the answer)

Thank you Stephen for arranging us to perform at the wedding. We had such a great time entertaining the guests!!

L-R: Bevlyn (vocals), Meimei (piano), Jan-Erik, Genevieve, Nicky (vocals), Melvin (bass guitar) 


  1. When you say nothing at all
  2. Fire flies – Owl City(video)
  3. Shape of you – Ed Sheeran
  4. Truly madly deeply – Savage Garden
  5. Because You Loved me
  6. When You Believe
  7. Perfect
  8. A Thousand Years
  9. Something Stupid
  10. Can you feel the love tonight?
  11. You raised me up
  12. It had to be you
  13. Fly me to the moon
  14. Close To You
  15. LOVE
  16. Let There Be Love
  17. Come fly with me
  18. Let there be love
  19. What a wonderful world