Band: Huibing (vocals & emcee), Jixiang (guitar)

The live band was a wedding gift to our golden jubilee couple! 50 years of marriage is definitely worth a splash of a celebration, and the family did just that with around 200 guests at Singapore Island Country Club.

Singapore Island Country Club Wedding

Our lovely matron said during the speech that she did not wear a wedding dress when they got married 50 years ago… and this lovely kua was to make up for it 🙂

Singapore Island Country Club Wedding


There was also a request that Huibing and Jixiang perform ‘Strangers in the night’, because this was the song that the groom sang to the bride on her 21st birthday 🙂

Our warmest wishes to this lovely couples, and thank you for having us a part of such a memorable event!



1. Unchained Melody 

2. Strangers in the night 

3. Wonderful tonight

4. Moon river 

5. Can’t take my eyes off you

6. Love me tender

7. Have I told you lately

8. You light up my life

9. You are the sunshine of my life

10. Someone like you

11. Sometimes when we touch

12. Fly me to the moon


2. 我只在乎你

3. 朋友 ( Emil Chou)

4. 小辛运

5. 家后

6. 明天我要嫁给你

7. 但愿人长久

8. 甜蜜蜜

9. 小城故事

10. 明明白白我的心