Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Just The Way You Are

Ian and Yili arrived early at the Mayfair pool of Goodwood Park Hotel in preparation for Alvin and Grace’s solemnisation. It is increasingly ‘chic’ to have ‘live’ music at solemnisations, and Grace and Alvin had requested for the duo to perform ‘Canon-in-D’ for their march-in. 🙂

At Tudor ballroom, preparations were in full force to welcome all the guests for the banquet. This is one of them, and I think it’s a brilliant idea to place these souvenirs (magnets) at the reception so guests may take their own when they are on the way home:

Alvin and Grace had a very bubbly emcee, and he made the ambience fun and engaging. I particularly find this interesting – the emcee asked each table to choose the most handsome person to be the representative to pop a champagne bottle. Hence we had a ‘mass champagne bottle-popping’ session (see pic below):

Ian, Yili and I had a lot of fun performing at this wedding, the guests especially enjoyed this song – a few of them actually came up to me to ask for the title of the song! This song is  今生注定 (Destiny):

And of course this song too (a guest came up to us to check if we could do this, she was elated when we told her we could cos Alvin and Grace had chosen it to be part of the repertoire) – Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars):

Thank you Alvin and Grace, we wish you a blessed marriage and bountiful babies soon!! Congratulations!

Band: Bevlyn, Ian & Yi Li

L-R: Bevlyn, Yi Li, Ian, Grace & Alvin


La Vie En Rose (1st March-in), Bubbly, A Groovy Kind Of Love, I Knew I Loved You, Crazy For You, Somebody, 约定 (The Promise), Everlasting Love, Beautiful In My Eyes, Eyes On Me, Grow Old With You, 当我八十岁 (When I’m 80), 我愿意 (I Do), Kiss Me, Love Of A Lifetime, Just The Way You Are, Built To Last, You Raised Me Up, Wonderful Tonight, Crazy Thing Called Love, 今生注定 (Destiny), I’m Yours