Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Close To You

In Apple’s own words:

” We met at Suntec, he kind of like walk past me, stared at me a little, then back track his steps. As it happens, he felt that we have met before somewhere (we couldn’t figure out at first but later on concluded that it must be at a PC show where I was modeling for one of the exhibitors). We chatted for a while, and when he finally picked up his courage and asked for my tel nos, I turned him down but agreed to let him have my email & msn. After some correspondences via email & msn, he finally got my nos.. and the rest like the history : )”

To me, it is interesting to be able to remember someone and bump into him/her again after some time. Perhaps it’s a thing called ‘fate’ 🙂

Apple and Chris invited a small number of guests closest and dearest to them to witness their solemnisation ceremony at the Mayfair pool in the Goodwood Park Hotel, and it certainly is a good location with the blue water and the greeneries:

After the solemnisation, Clarence and Jon Lim jazzed up the atmosphere with an instrumental set at the cocktail while the guests helped themselves to the refreshment!

One of the highlights of the wedding was a special dedication whipped up spontaneously by Apple’s group of girlfriends. A lady came up and requested for me to read the message when Apple was around, and they choose the classic song Close To You for the dedication.

Dear Apple,

11 years of friendship is hard to come by and we’re proud to be part of your special day. We are so happy to see both you and Chris embarking on your life-long journey together. Here’s wishing you a blissful and happy wedded life. We love you always and here’s to another 11 more years.

From the girls

A few moments into the message, Apple knew exactly which direction to look. She instantly went over to the group of friends and gave them each a hug while she tried to hold back her tears.

Personally I also love the pair of cute young girls who kept coming up to grab my music stand. I think they really love music haha. 😀

L-R: James, Bevlyn, Apple, Chris, Jon Lim
Band: Bevlyn, Jon Lim, Clarence & James


Perfect Moment (1st March-In), La Vie En Rose (1st Dish), Besame Mucho, Come Fly With Me, Dream A Little Dream, Fever, Fly Me To The Moon, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, So Nice, Sway, The Way You Look Tonight, Unforgettable, What A Wonderful World.

L-O-V-E (2nd March-In), A Moment Like This, Come Away With Me, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Close To You, Love Me Tender, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, You Are So Beautiful, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Compliment from Apple:

Hi Bevlyn, thank you for last night! All my guests were well entertained and have asked for your contact! I have passed it to them of course! Your band deserve to be known!