Bevlyn’s Thoughts: 当我八十岁 (When I Am 80)

I read it on newspapers recently that it is getting more popular for young couples to take pre-wedding photos abroad, and Calvin and Grace did just that! Before the lovely couple marched into the ballroom, the guests were shown a series of breathtaking pre-wedding photos the couple had taken in Venice, Italy. Here’s some for your preview!




It was a wedding luncheon, and I thought the songs handpicked by Calvin and Grace were most appropriate to entertain their guests – a good mixture of jazz, pop and mandarin pop. The upbeat jazz numbers, especially their 1st march-in song “It Had To Be You” set the swingy mood for the afternoon, and we continued this mood for a while with songs like “Let There Be Love”, “La Vie En Rose” etc. One song I love in particular to learn and sing for this wedding is “I’ll Follow You Into The Dark”. Calvin and Grace gave me appreciative applause after our rendition, but really, we enjoyed the song as much too!

Calvin had earlier asked me to perform my original “当我八十岁” (When I’m 80) right after his speech, for reasons he did not share with me. It was only later that I got to know the reason. To end his speech, he looked at Grace lovingly and said, “I will still love you and dote on you when we’re 80 years old”. That, is probably the message I wanted to convey when I first wrote the song 🙂


L-R: Bevlyn, Clarence, James

Thank you Calvin and Grace for all the good memories of your wedding celebration. We wish you all the love and happiness and many more blissful years to come!



Band: Bevlyn, James & Clarence


It Had To Be You (1st March-in), Let There Be Love, La Vie En Rose, First of May, I’ll Follow You Into The Dark, Eternal Flame, I Believe, At Your Side, Fly Me To The Moon, Everything In Its Time, Sway

L-O-V-E (2nd March-in), 当我八十岁 (When I Am 80), Someone To Love, Runaway, 爱是永恒 (Love Is Eternal), Somekind of Wonderful, Lonely Afternoon, When You Say You Love Me, Perhaps Love, This Guy’s In Love With You, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Compliments from Calvin & Grace:

Hi Bevlyn and gang,
We would like to thank all of you for doing such an excellent job performing at our wedding. Everything went on smoothly as planned and we absolutely loved your singing. Many of our friends enquired about your band and we even passed your albums to some of them to listen to.
Your wonderful song 当我八十 does have a special meaning for us and it was fabulous to be able to hear it live from you on our special day.
I have attached some of our pre-wedding and actual day pictures for you. Will pass you the group photo once I get it from the photographer.
Thanks again for being part of our wonderful memories and filling our wedding with your beautiful voice.
P.S. It’s a pity the ballroom was too small and hate it that they have to put you in a small corner of the ballroom