Windson’s thoughts: 简单爱 (Simple Love)

Yeow Chung and Candice makes a very humorous couple together. From their wedding video to their speeches, the guests were tickled throughout by their playful sense of humour. Their video was presented in an Action Suspense Movie format, with lots of adrenaline pumping music that sets your heart racing, wondering if this will turn out to be a deadly battle between the sexes.

Indeed it was by all means a very thrilling and eventful day. With one of the Brothers’ cars being lost in Malaysia, to being “Sabo-ed” to poke one another with a plunger, drinking Guiness Stout with raw egg and eating Wasabi ice cream, the “movie” finally came to a happy end with Yeow Chung and Candice beside one another at last, the place where they truly belong.


I still remember Yeow Chung’s speech, when he jokingly said that if he is right, then he is right, if he is wrong then he is wrong. But if he thinks that he is right and Candice thinks that he is wrong, then he will be wrong.

Hearing this, I can’t help but utter a sweet sigh of “Awww….” Because through that, you can tell the level of love and selflessless oozing out of Yeow Chung that affirms you that Candice indeed is the woman that he loves and her happiness means a lot to him. I am really happy to be able to witness this celebration of their union and I am very glad that I was able to lend my voice to vocalize this joyous occasion.

On behalf of Judy, Matthew and me, here’s wishing Yeow Chung and Candice a life time of laughter, understanding and love ahead and may they always be joyful in their lives together!

Band: Judy, Matthew, Windson

L-R: Matthew, Judy, Candice, Yeow Chung, Windson


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