Bevlyn’s Thoughts: 分享 (Share)

Ching Lin had caught our band several times when she attended her friends’ weddings – Lin Sia, Su Lee, and Lilian. I’m suspecting that this might be our longest word-of-mouth chain with Ching Lin’s as the 4th wedding we’re singing among this group of lovely ladies!

Wai Leong was a tad nervous that evening, but Ching Lin was notably enjoying herself – it was a sight to behold, watching her sway her shoulders when she walked by infront of the band while going table to table to take photos. We had a lovely time performing for the responsive guests as well, nothing more we could have asked for!




It was a night of surprises. The couple presented lovely bouquets to the parents as a token of their appreciation…


The second surprise of the evening was when Ching Lin’s sister gave a very touching speech on their relationship. Accompanied by a photo montage of the sisters from childhood to adulthood, all the guests shared the love they have for each other….

The best surprise of the evening however, would have to be the 61st birthday celebration for Wai Leong’s father:

I LOVE this idea of having a birthday cake in the mould of a huge peach! I’m quite sure Ching Lin and Wai Leong’s wedding was his best birthday present ever!

Thank you Ching Lin & Wai Leong for inviting us to perform at your wedding. Stay happy and cheerful, and here’s wishing you happiness always!

Band: Bevlyn, Zheng Quan & Linus


Till The End (1st March-in), Fallen, Have I Told You Lately, From This Moment, I’m Yours, So Much In Love, Something Stupid, Let There Be Love, Quando Quando Quando, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

The Gift (2nd March-in), 分享 (Share), Way Back Into Love, Stuck On You, Save The Last Dance, La Vie En Rose, 幸福摩天轮 (Blissful Ferris Wheel), 小夫妻 (Couple), 我只在乎你 (I Only Care About You), Lucky, I Still Believe, Me And You

Song To Recommend:

分享 (Share) by Sky Wu – I was elated to see this song in the songlist, and Ching Ling made a good choice of dedicating this song to their friends. The lyrics say it all.