Jun Xiong’s thoughts: The Gift

When I first met Darren and Claire, I really envied both their “model-like” height and figure: Darren, a man of few words, was tall, slender and smart while Claire, our stunningly beautiful bride, matched his height comfortably with a livelier and chattier disposition. What a perfect match!

And I was also surprised when Claire shared that their love story which revealed that they officially got together only on 1st of December 2008 – cos’ they consistently displayed such mutual affection and understanding throughout the wedding banquet where one would typically find in only long-term relationships. How sweet and loving….

Darren and Claire have also dedicated a good spread of songs to all the guests in this joyous occasion. This was evident with a few of the guests walking up to the band giving us their most sincere compliments. We felt so honoured to share their joy and happiness!

During the banquet, Claire was wearing a stunning necklace, with a unique Victorian design. What many guests didn’t know was that Darren had searched high and low for this necklace, just because Claire mentioned to him that she liked the design.

Once Darren found the necklace, he used it during the wedding proposal, which touched Claire deeply and affectionately. This unique gift of love coincides meaningfully with the wedding’s opening march-in song, “The Gift”!

Hi Darren and Claire,

Once again, Congrats and I believe you have both found the best “Gifts” in your life, your companionship for each other! We wish you countless years of blissful marriage and happiness ahead! ^_^

Band: Jun Xiong, Hui Bing, James



Thanks, Yong How, for sending us these beautiful photos!


The Gift (1st March-in), Have I Told You Lately, There You’ll Be, Save The Best For Last, The Power Of Love, Because You Love Me, Valentine, More Than Words, This I Promise You, Everything I Do (I Do It For You), Wonderful Tonight

制造浪漫 (Creating Romance) (2nd march-in), Amazed, Sometimes When We Touch, Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You, We’ve Got Tonight, From This Moment, 爱和承诺 (Love And Promises), Endless Love, Always, 一眼瞬间 (A Momentary Glance), 今生注定 (My Destiny)

Compliments from Darren and Claire:

It was a wonderful afternoon, you guys really liven up the atmosphere. Initially we are still troubled with what we are going to do on our special day and thanks to A LITTLE DREAM! We receive lots of compliments from the guests, guess there are more “work” coming for ya!

I must really salute Junxiong, he is so professional and bubbly, if i were to say, he is the man of that day, cos he is the singer (he sings well too) cum emcee and the fact that he needs to speak in both channels (5 and 8).

Not forgetting the rest of the band members, Hui Bing and James, Hui Bing is not only beautiful on the outside, she is also beautiful on the inside – her melodious voice.

As for James, he plays piano really well, if its not his “background music” , im sure it would not turn out nice. In all, they make a good band! PERFECT!

The one thing which is really regretful is… we couldn’t get to see you guys perform live during the whole event… Aw…. Only through compliments from the guests…… 😛

Thanks for making our special day so perfect!

We’re sure that this would not be our last time seeing you, cos we’re sure we’ll see you guys in other weddings!

Darren and Claire

Compliments from the photographer:

Hi Jun Xiong, Hui Bing and James.

Great to work with you guys at Claire and Darren’s wedding. Had wanted to send you some pics but was super busy and only just looked at the images

Here are a few pics for your blog in case you do wish to post them.

I think you had performed ‘Yi Yan Shun Jian’ very well. I’ve seen countless catastrophic attempts on this song by my friends in KTV and my eyes lit up when I realised that you are going to perform this song. Well done! 🙂

I’ve also enjoyed your performance on “The Gift” very much. This song never fails to touch me.

Hope to work with you guys again! 😉

Yong How

Song To Recommend:

一眼瞬间 (A Momentary Glance) – a stirring song about a love that endures even after “a thousand years”