Hui Bing’s thoughts: All that I Need

“You are all that I need The only treasure I see, You’re the air that helps me breathe through the darkest night. When I fall down on my knees, I was blind but now I see. You are all that I need” – Corrinne May, All That I Need

The lyrics of a new song which I learnt for Hazel and Fan Wei’s wedding and gladly to do so. It was such a simple and beautiful song and it aptly summarises the love between the two.

Love is indeed a splendid thing and exists in all forms, words, a gift of love or just communicated through a gaze. Fan Wei’s thank you speech was sincere and moving, as he spoke about the times that they had together, and that he will cherish and that he will accompany Hazel towards love, bliss, health and wealth in their next chapter in life. .

And to secure that promise, he sang She to Hazel to thunderous applause. Ian and I were delighted that he agreed to perform this song for his bride, at our suggestion. And we managed to squeeze in a quick rehearsal. It was not an easy song to sing, but Fan Wei managed the modulation (change in keys) with ease and confidence.

Dear Fan Wei and Hazel, here’s to love, bliss, health and wealth!

Band: Hui Bing, Ian

L-R: Fanwei, Hazel, Hui Bing, Ian

パパパパーンの歌 (1st March-In), Everything, La Vie En Rose, 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), When I Fall In Love, Lover’s Concerto, A Love That Will Last, 简单爱(Simple Love), The Way You Look Tonight, Beautiful Love, All That I Need

Save the Last Dance For Me, I’m Yours, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, 我喜欢 (I Like), 就是爱你 (Just Loving You), Grow Old With You, 小情歌(Love Song), Come Fly With Me, Something About You, 我是幸福的 (I’m Fortunate), 我要的幸福 (My Desired Happiness)


Hi Hui Bing & Ian,

It’s been a month since our wedding and I know we are kind of late for this email..hehe

Thank you so much for the wonderful night! Hui Bing, your voice is wonderful! And we have got many good feedback about you and Ian!

And we were enjoying ourselves as the familiar songs put us both at ease…My friends said that I was such a relaxed bride that I was just swaying to songs. 🙂

Fan & Hazel