Bevlyn’s thoughts: It’s In The Way You Love Me

Edmund and Florence’s getting together is really courtesy of Citibank. They were colleagues at Citibank to start with, but a team outing to KL was really what started the undercurrents of the fountain of love. In Florence’s own words, “We initially wanted to keep the relationship under wraps but was caught ‘red handed’ by our colleague when we finished a midnight movie @ Orchard Cineplex…so all the drilling started the following Monday……it was hilarious!”

The proposal story was also a really cheeky one:

Staying at Burasari Phuket with their own sun deck that led to a pool, Florence came out from the shower and saw a lighted candle pathway from the bathroom all the way to the swimming pool. She instantly spotted a wooden coffee table on the steps of the pool with a ‘menu‘ on top of it. Edmund asked Florence if she would like to have her dinner, and the ‘menu’ turned out to be the certificate of the proposal diamond ring. Edmund cheekily asked if she liked the ‘cut and the size of her main course’, then went down on one knee to propose.


Fast-forward to the banquet that evening. One of the interesting highlights of the wedding had to be the video interviews of Edmund and Florence’s group of good friends. It is always refreshing to watch interviews of the couple or their friends, and the event instantly became more personalised when we watch the interviewed friends tease the couple. One of the friends even confessed to recording a second take on a separate day because she was too stressed up about the recording! LOL.

The first march-in featured Leo on saxophone on the grand stage, his instrumental introduction of ‘La Vie En Rose’ playing up the romance factor for the entire ballroom. To everyone’s anticipation, Edmund and Florence entered the ballroom only when I started to sing the verse of the song.

A very sweet gesture the couple had tied up with the band to deliver, was to dedicate 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet) to Edmund’s parents and You Raise Me Up to Florence’s mother. When Zhengquan started singing You Raise Me Up, I could see Florence going over to her mother to give her a hug and express her heartfelt thanks. We are truly honoured to be part of this special thanksgiving arrangement.

L-R: Jonathan Ang, Bevlyn, Zhengquan, Leo
It was also an event of coincidence for me, given that Florence’s aunt-in-law happens to be my ex-singing student! Looks like love for music runs in the family!

To Edmund and Florence, we wish you everlasting bliss and many cute and bountiful babies to come!

L-R: Jonathan Ang, Florence, Edmund, Bevlyn, Zhengquan
Band: Bevlyn, Zhengquan (ZQ), Jonathan Ang, Leo


La Vie En Rose 1st march-in), 甜蜜蜜 (dedicated to Edmund’s parents), You Raise Me Up (dedicated to Florence’s mother), Forever Love, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You, Sway, I Do (Cherish You), A Moment Like This, Quando Quando Quando, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart)

Because You Love Me (2nd march-in), Yellow, 当我八十岁 (When I’m 80), 天使 (Angel), It’s Your Love, Grow Old With You, Because Of You, You Are My Everything, It’s In The Way You Love Me, I Finally Found Someone

Song To Recommend:

It’s In The Way You Love Me by Shania Twain
– I had fun singing this well-paced and low-tone piece. Sometimes a good song doesn’t need the singer to scream her lungs out 🙂

Yellow by Coldplay
– a good song that will certainly go down as a classic!