Hui Bing’s thoughts: Always

I think it’s great that more couples are using more creative ways to showcase their love journey to their guests during their wedding dinners – be it a simple powerpoint presentation, speeches or anecdotes shared by friends, or more seen at wedding dinners recently, the use of animation, as in the case of Irene and Vincent.


The animation took all of us back in time, as it replayed some of the significant scenes of Irene and Vincent’s love life – from the first time they met (Irene first thought of Vincent as an ‘ah beng’ with his gold chain and curly hair during their school orientation camp), how they fell in love (chit chatting via IRC and Vincent’s daily ‘Good Night’ smses) and finally, the proposal (a candle-lit ‘I love U’ at the beach).

Irene actually engaged the live band without Vincent knowing. She and Shi Hui, her wedding coordinator, took great efforts not to let the cat out of the bag even on the actual day, down to using CDs when rehearsing for their march-ins. As for Junxiong, Linus and me, we tried to blend in as much as possible as the couple’s helpers while Vincent was in the ballroom. I hope Vincent had a pleasant surprise when we sang the march-in songs live 🙂

It was great performing all the duets with Junxiong, my longtime singing partner, and Linus, who is versatile in all genres, from jazz to mandopop.

Dear Irene, thanks very for having us to perform during your special day and we wish you and Vincent a life filled with sweet surprises and love!

Band: Hui Bing, Jun Xiong, Linus

L-R: Jun Xiong, Hui Bing, Irene, Vincent, Linus


From This Moment (1st March In), Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love, A Moment Like This, 今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Marrying Me Today), It Had To Be You, La Vie En Rose, I Wanna Grow Old With You, C’est Si Bon, Love Me, Somewhere Out There, 爱和承诺 (Love And Promises), 今生注定 (My Destiny)

I Finally Found Someone (2nd March In), 追 (Chase), 制造浪漫 (Creating Romance), L-O-V-E, Wonderful Tonight, 亲密关系 (Close Relationship), Somebody, Always, On The Side of Me, Stand By Me, Endless Love, Quando Quando Quando, 爱得正好 (The Right Kind Of Love), Sway, Save The Last Dance For Me

Compliments from Shi Hui, Irene’s wedding co-ordinator:

They were great! 🙂 Pleasure to listen to. Hui Bing, Linus and Jun Xiong were really good!

Compliments from Irene:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

Thank you to your band for the wonderful performance yesterday!

Hui Bing, Jun Xiong & Linus were a great team and made the night a memorable one =)

I have received a lot of compliments about the band after I came back from Honeymoon.

Thank you and your band once again for the splendid performance and the fond memories.

Best regards,