Bevlyn’s thoughts: 疼你的責任 (Duty To Love You)

Jason and Biying came across to me as a couple with a very good sense of humour. You’ll know why from this:

On how they got to know each other:

Jason: We were ex-collegues from a former company, working in different departments though. We got to know each other better through friends within the company.

Biying: Okay, yeah we were ex-colleagues. But I only know his name. Not enough to make me want to know him better (ha!) We didn’t say hi, not that I didn’t want to (since I was so friendly to everyone in the office) but this fella just walked past me like I’m invisible everytime! Eventually, I just couldn’t be bothered. =p

On their first impression of each other:

Jason: Haha that’s tough! Basically, a decent, cheerful and polite gal and lastly TALL *and very pretty* hehehehhe…..

Biying: Wery tall and big. The office corridor looked much smaller whenever he walked there. And he seemed very introverted like the BFG. But after I get to know him better through friends, I realized that he is actually quite chatty, and likes to gossip. He is very well-read and knowledgeable on the entertainment news and gossips. After we started dating, he becomes an avid fan of my mother’s i-weekly and u-weekly magazines (pours over them enthusiastically every weekend). Very kaypo about our friends’ gossips too.

What qualities you feel attracted to the other:

Jason: Understanding, reasonable and easy-going. And lastly, TALL AND si-beh PRETTY,heehee

Biying: Very dependable (better be so), filial. I love his big tummy =)

The highlight of the wedding I think, were the excellent speeches made by none other than the couple themselves. Jason said a line which I could still remember till now:

“今天我娶了在这个世界上我最疼爱的女人,碧盈. 她也是我最好的朋友,我的情人. 现在她是我的老婆.” (Today I married the woman I dote on the most in the world, Biying. She is also my best friend, my lover. Now, she is my wife)

Biying, on the other hand, cracked a joke on his father, “I can imagine the pleasure of my father (ha!) now that I am finally married off the house.”

But on a serious note, she affirmed, “I believe that Jason and I make a good team, and we can take on any of life’s challenges.”

Definitely off from a good start. We wish you two all of life’s simple joys and happiness!

Band: Bevlyn, Feri, Lim Hui


Beautiful Love (1st march-in), Beautiful In My Eyes, 喜欢你 (I Like You), Dream A Little Dream, Wonderful Tonight, Love Me Tender, 兩只恋人 (Two Lovers), When I Fall In Love, Happy Together, 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), Looking Through Your Eyes, Somewhere Over The Rainbow

For The First Time (2nd march-in), For You I Will, 无条件为你 (Unconditional Love), Kiss Me, 疼你的責任 (Duty To Love You), If I Ain’t Got You, You Light Up My Life, 爱你在心口难开 (Love You More Than I Can Say), Unforgettable, Angels, 給我一個吻 (Give Me A Kiss)