Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 亲密爱人 (My Lover)

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I read Yan Ling’s account of how she met Kelvin:

“Our relationship started seven years ago. But we had known each other since 1994 when we were in Secondary One. We were both from the same class.

Back then, our form teacher arranged our seats in such a way that I was seated next to a boy who irked me no end with all his nonsensical acts.

Just when I thought my entire secondary school life would be the pits, I saw HIM! There he was, sitting just a few tables away. I swear he had a halo glowing around him. (Try to imagine okay?) “That’s him. My prince.” I thought to myself.

Ever since he caught my attention, I would imagine him standing up for me whenever I got irritated with the boy next to me.

I secretly admired him for two years until we were placed in different classes in the third year. Our paths didn’t cross until some years later, at a class gathering. This time, we finally had a chance to talk to each other. He became mature and chattier over the years.

We began to fall for each other. He’s gentle and soft-spoken; although he may be a little sotong (blur) at times, he takes really good care of me. With him, I always feel loved. Not for a moment will I ever feel alone.

It’s a great story, and I couldn’t help but tease Kelvin gently when I met him at the wedding.

Audrey, Matthew, Jon and I enjoyed ourselves very much that night. The well-chosen set of songs included old and new tunes from a mix of genres, and I particularly loved the recommended songs below.

Congratulations, Kelvin and Yanling! May you treasure every moment you spend loving each other.

Band: Hsin Yeow, Audrey, Matthew, Jonathan Lim

L-R: Matthew, Audrey, Kelvin, Yan Ling, Hsin Yeow, Jonathan Lim

Quando Quando Quando, Somewhere Out There, 你最珍贵 (You’re The Most Precious One), 心愿便利贴 (My Dreams On Sticky Notes), 私奔到月球 (Run Away To The Moon), 你是我心内的一首歌 (You’re A Song In My Heart), Because You Loved Me, From This Moment, If We Hold on Together, The Wedding, 亲密爱人 (My Lover), 夜来香 (Fragrance In The Night), 给我一个吻 (Give Me A Kiss), 老鼠爱大米 (Mice Love Rice), Love Me, Sometimes When We Touch, When You Say Nothing At All, 喜欢 (Like), 身边 (By Your Side), 静静的 (Quietly), Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Compliments from the couple:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

We miss your voices!

Thank you guys for singing at our dinner. We liked it very much. Cool, man!

You guys really have great voices, my wife’s sis in law was so impressed by your voices that she teared while you sang. The guests really enjoyed the music though they looked like they were busy eating.

We’ve got all the good feedback and comments from them. We so regret not getting a videographer. We’re so glad we had you guys there.

Thank you once again. (Plus 3 rounds of applause)

Kelvin & Yanling

Songs To Recommend:

私奔到月球 (Run Away To The Moon) – Love the quirky lyrics!

亲密爱人 (My Intimate Lover) – A classic from the late Anita Mui