Miki and Andrew got to know each other thanks to a chance encounter – they met in the lift as they were neighbours both living in the same HDB Block! They started casually talking on the lift and began to spend more time with each other downstairs at the void deck and chatting at a nearby reservoir. A funny memory they shared is about their trip to Taiwan that ended with their wedding photo shoot; but they ended up gaining some weight over the course of their trip due to the ‘feasting’ of the sumptuous foods (they were hence grateful to photoshop that helped them with their wedding photos). 

Best of luck and congratulations on your marriage Miki and Andrew! Thank you for having Regine (vocals & emcee) and Justin (guitar) and perform!


  1. All about that bass
  2. Like I’m gonna lose you
  3. Beautiful in white
  4. L.O.V.E
  5. Can’t help falling in love
  6. Close to you
  7. Can’t take my eyes off you
  8. Wonderful tonight
  9. Lovers concerto
  10. John legend – All of me
  11. Olivia ong – You and me
  12. shape of you
  13. 我要你的爱
  14. 家后
  15. .甜蜜蜜 *Dedicated for Miki’s Dajie and Jiefu – 祝你们婚姻永远甜甜蜜蜜!*
  16. 我只在乎你
  17. 我一见你就笑
  18. 最重要的决定
  19. beyond – 海阔天空
  20. 今天不回家
  21. Can’t take my eyes off you (Frank Sinatra)
  22. .当你老了 *our fav song*
  23. 时间都去哪了 (张碧晨) *Dedicated to Bride & Groom’s parents – we are really happy and blessed that both our parents is here to witness this day with us