Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Wonderful Tonight

Eileen loves to write, so I wasn’t surprised when she gave me a detailed and touching account of how Nicholas proposed.

They were having dinner at the now-defunct “Top-Of-The-M”. According to Eileen, Nicholas “handed me a book from John Gray which I thought nothing of and proceed to put it in my bag. To his anguish. Haha. He asked me to open up and I saw a Post-It which wrote, “Will you marry me?”. Underneath the Post-It was the treasure. He had glued the pages together, cut a hole, put some cotton and placed the ring there. On bended knee, with background music by the hotel band, he popped the question. It was the perfect setting for me and I was literally on “top-of-the world”. Isn’t it a wonderful night? :P”

The band was playing “Wonderful Tonight” when Nicholas proposed, and so I timed my performance of the song right after Nicholas’ speech. Nicholas had just finished reciting his wedding vows (“I will fall in love with you every day”, “your love is a godsend, and I will treasure it”), and I started to tell the story of how Nicholas proposed and the significance of the song I was about to sing. I felt everyone’s eyes on me as I sang the first few lines, and the feeling was electric.

Let me backtrack a little by describing how Nicholas cleared the challenges posed by the swordbearers. The leader wanted me to ask Nicholas to place a price on Eileen’s love, and announce whatever amount Nicholas said to be paid to the swordbearers for their service.

Placed in a spot, Nicholas demonstrated his resourcefulness by replying, “Zero.” When asked why, he said simply, “Because she’s all mine.” What a brilliant answer!

Congratulations, Eileen and Nicholas! We had a wonderful time performing for you, and may you enjoy a blissful marriage!

P.S. It was great seeing Alan and Steph, as well as Cheong Ling and Roderick. I dedicated Angels Brought Me Here and Grow Old With You to the respective couple; my very best wishes to all of you!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Judy, Matthew, Melvin

L-R: Hsin Yeow, Judy, Eileen, Nicholas, Matthew, Melvin

Thanks, Edmund, for supplying me with your beautiful photographs!


Greatest Story Ever Told (1st march-in), Orange Coloured Sky, A Groovy Kind of Love, L-O-V-E, Angels Brought Me Here, Fall For You, Me and Mrs You, One Boy One Girl, 记得吗 (Do You Remember), 给我你的爱 (Give Me Your Love)

Love Paradise (2nd March-in), Wonderful Tonight, The Look Of Love, Two Words, For All Of My Life, 小酒窩 (Small Dimples), Salan Heo 我爱你 (I Love You), Love Song for #1, 小手拉大手 (Small Hands Holding Big Hands), Come Away With Me, 天天夜夜 (Day And Night)

Audience request: Grow Old With You

Compliments from Eileen:

Hey Eloquent Hsin Yeow, Ravishing Judy, Splendid Matthew, Impressive Melvin!!!

Hope this email finds you well! 🙂

Nicholas & I have more or less settled into our newly married life. We would like to say having you guys around the wedding celebration made a part of our dream come true. True to your band name, you made our little dream come true. Your presence heightened the ambience and added a touch of class to our special night. It was a wonderful night indeed.
Hsin Yeow! We loved how everything went smoothly despite impromptu from the hotel and sword bearers. Having a professional emcee is a choice we never did once look back. We appreciate how you tried to get to know us better before the big day. This sincerity in you is a rarity in a vendor. Also, your recommendations for Judy, Melvin, Matthew is invaluable. Lastly, I did overhear bits and pieces of your conversation with Nicholas. Well, I AM game for a dance although I can’t sing to save my life. Still, thanks for the effort. We are grateful you tried to attempt “Greatest Story Ever Told”; why the goosebumps I wonder. Aiyooo I forgot to tell you I wanted the chorus.
I had prepared 4 bottles of Pi Pa Kao for each of you. The helpers had it all tied up with pretty ribbons. Alas, the evening was so hectic the helpers forgot to pass it! I hope you got your dinner though. If any of my friends engaged your service, I will be sure to prepare another 4 bottles!
Thank you ALL so much! HUGS!!!
With Much Love,
Nicholas & Eileen
PS: Attached are our photoshoot pics, with the much talked about Zen & Boise. 🙂

Songs To Recommend:

Greatest Story Ever Told – I had goosebumps singing it while Nicholas and Eileen were walking into the ballroom.

For All Of My Life – a song by the Filipino band Make Your Momma Proud, Judy sang it beautifully.

Love Song For #1 – another sublime tune by Corrinne May