Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: When My Heart Is Full

Silas fell hard for Gynn when they were both studying in University. It could be because of Gynn’s athletic prowess on the basketball court. I’m sure the leggy beauty had a gaggle of admirers and suitors, so what tipped the balance in Silas’ favour?

Before the banquet began, he admitted to me in mock dismay that he took a while to make his move on Gynn because he wasn’t a looker. But, my word, he was a fabulous singer! He also had a great sense of humour, and these qualities were on full display on the wedding night!


First, he chose to sing his way into the ballroom for the second march-in. It was a surprise for Gynn, who could not stop smiling when a microphone suddenly materialised in Silas’ hand and he sang Fly Me To The Moon. Silas was so comfortable with performing, he improvised on the melody and added his own spin to it. Bravo!

As Silas and Gynn reached the stage, I quipped, “Let’s put our hands together for Silas, the Asian King Of Pop!” Silas gamely waved his hand and announced, “Welcome to my concert!”

Kenny, Bevlyn and I had a fantastic time at the wedding. If the number of song requests were any sort of barometer of the quality of our performance, then we must have struck a chord with the audience because we received plenty. Kenny even volunteered to perform Unchained Melody, one of the popular requests, because I didn’t have the lyrics. Way to go Kenny!

P.S. It was a pleasure meeting Leslie and Hui Ting again! I dedicated a song to the loving couple, who will be celebrating their 7-month wedding anniversary this Christmas Day.

Band: Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Kenny

L-R: Bevlyn, Gynn, Silas, Hsin Yeow, Kenny

Endless Love (1st March-in), 今天你要嫁给我 (1st dish) (Marry Me Today), Just the Way You Are, Let’s Fall In Love, Close To You, Paper Moon, What A Difference A Day Made, Grow Old With You, What A Wonderful World

Fly Me to the Moon (2nd March-In), Fallen, 給我一個吻 (Give Me A Kiss), 我要你的爱 (I Want Your Love), Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, You And I, Quando Quando Quando, Up Where We Belong, 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency)

Instrumental: When My Heart is Full

Audience requests:

月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), Unchained Melody

Songs To Recommend:

Up Where We Belong

Unchained Melody

Wedding Tip:

When My Heart Is Full – a beautiful instrumental piece that Kenny played during the champagne pouring ceremony

Compliments from Yida:


Hi Hsin Yeow,

Thank you so very much for the simply breathtaking performance staged for our wedding night. You guys really livened up the event.

Was kinda sad when you have to leave so early though. In fact, lotsa guest actually asked who are you guys and where are you from. Do expect some calls as some have asked for their coming events… not all wedding though… kekeke. anway, convey my thanks to Kenny for playing “Fly me to the Moon” It was wonderful.

Attached is the picture of us… Cheers and may you have many many more wonderful performances.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Yida, Silas