This was an exciting wedding, and we could see that Stella and Perry have a strong love for singing, because they performed a few songs in celebration of their union!

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Grand Ballroom Wedding

Perry did a surprise performance during their 2nd march-in, singing 《简单爱》 (Jay Chou) (Simple Love) with Stella by his side. It is not easy to walk and sing, but Perry joined the ranks of grooms/brides who performed while march-in!

When they reached the stage, our pianist Tony swiftly changed the music from 《简单爱》to a duet 你最珍贵》, and Stella and Perry encapsulated their love for each other, and the magical evening in this one romantic song.

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Grand Ballroom Wedding

Thank you Perry & Stella for this wonderful evening for Tony & Bevlyn too!

We wish you eternal love and a bountiful marriage ahead!

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Grand Ballroom Wedding

L-R: Tony (piano), Perry & Stella, Bevlyn (vocals)


Wedding Singer Live Band Review


1. Tonight I celebrate my love – 1st march
2. L-O-V-E
3. 喜欢
4. Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
5. 慢慢喜欢你 (Karen Mok)
6. Top of the world
7. Perfect
8. 月亮代表我的心
9. Beautiful in whit
10. Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)
11. 简单爱 (Jay Chou) – Groom to sing for 2nd march-in
12. 你最珍贵 – Bride & Groom to sing after 2nd march-in 
13. Forever Love (Lee Hom)
14. 当你
15. 家后
16. Shape of you
17. 黑白配
18. Love More – Bii 华
19. 爱很简单
20. Sugar (Maroon)
21. 告白气球