Junxiong’s thoughts: 每天爱你多一些 (I Love You More and More Each Day)

Jasmine and Cheng Liang’s wedding was indeed a lovely and cosy one. It does not have the typical yum-seng rustles but was greeted by informal chit-chats and catch-ups with relatives and close friends throughout the entire lunch reception. Their lunch wedding was held at The Gallery, Grand Hyatt Hotel, which beautifully houses a spacious and luxurious lounge area right outside its contemporary ballroom, an apt venue for our wedding couple to mingle with guests prior to their banquet.

Our wedding band also had a great time at Jasmine and Cheng Liang’s wedding reception. Thanks to the couple’s wide selection of wedding songs, we had a chance to recollect the evergreen Canto and Chinese pops which was well-received by the audience. One of the songs 每天爱你多一些 was also my all-time favourite with exceptionally meaningful lyrics for all wedding couples (see its lyrics below).

Once again, out utmost congratulations to Jasmine and Cheng Liang! We believe there are many more blissful and loving days right ahead of you. Enjoy your new journey together!


无求甚么无寻甚么 突破天地但求夜深
奔波以后能望见你 你可否知道么
平凡亦可平淡亦可 自有天地但求日出
清早到后能望见你 那已经很好过

当身边的一切如风    是你让我找到根蒂
不愿离开        愿留低情是永不枯萎

* 而每过一天每一天这醉者 便爱你多些再多些至满泻
我发觉我最爱与你编写 以后明天的深夜

而每过一天每一天这醉者 便爱你多些再多些至满泻
我最爱你与我这生一起   那惧明天风高路斜

L-R: Junxiong, Huibing, Jasmine, Cheng Liang & Feri

Huibing, Junxiong & Feri


From This Moment On (1st March-in), 難以抗拒妳容顏 (Can’t Resist You), 相約到永久 (With You Forever), 只想一生跟你走 (To Be With You Forever), 伴 (Companion), 原来只要共你活一天 (To Live Each Day with You), Only You, 偷偷愛你 (Secretly In Love with You), 在我生命中的每一天 (With You in My Life), 每天愛你多一些 (I Love You More and More Each Day), 制造浪漫 (Creating Romance), 关于爱情 (All About Love) (2nd March-in), Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You, 小情歌 (Little Love Song), 一起走過的日子 (The Days with You), 家後 (Queen of My Home), 把你藏起來 (Hiding You), 出嫁 (Getting Married), 童话 (Fairy Tale), Because You Loved Me, 追 (Chase), 今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Marrying Me Today)