Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Teh Pao and The Bodybuilder*

I simply love the video montage prepared by the good people behind Chris Ling, which was shown before the couple entered the ballroom.

Not only did it include photographs of the couple (from the washed-out pictures of the couple from their diaper-wearing days to the beautifully taken snapshots of them in their wedding-day finery), footage of the morning’s shenanigans when Goh Tan went to fetch Stephanie; it even featured interviews of their friends.

All three elements were spliced together in a witty and intelligent fashion, punctuated at the right places with music.

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L-R: Wilson, Hsin Yeow, Stephanie, Goh Tan, Bevlyn and Ein Ein
Photo by Eugene of Chris Ling

I particularly enjoyed listening to the revealing soundbites given by the couple’s friends: Stephanie was a “teh pao“, while Goh Tan, for some bizarre reason, “takes a long time to shower!”

Even though the sound system at the Sir Stamford Room wasn’t ideal, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The icing on the cake was when one of the guests came up to us after our performance to thank us personally for enhancing the evening with live music. It was our pleasure!

* Mr Goh Tan was the champion in the tertiary above 70kg category at Muscle War 2005, the premier bodybuilding competition for inter-tertiary students.

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Lift Me Tender

Yes, we weren’t joking when we label Goh Tan as a Bodybuilder, who kept exclaiming “Oosh!” after every challenge given to him at the customary wedding (as shown on video). However, his tender nature flowed through when he promised Stepanie he will do his best to take care of her despite his “Dory”-like tendency (to forget things).

The couple had to overcome 4 challenges set by the swordbearers during their 1st march-in. Here are some ideas you might want to try:

1) (Let me try to recall)
2) Re-enact the scene of proposal
3) Kiss each other for 1 minute (which I think they cheated)
4) Goh Tan had to carry his bride up the stage (not that it will be of any problem to him).

(Hsin Yeow: First challenge was to feed sweets to each other!)

Band: Bevlyn, Hsin Yeow, Ein Ein and Wilson


Can’t Help Falling In Love, Endless Love, Come Away With Me, Besame Mucho, Dream a Little Dream, Let’s Fall In Love, L-O-V-E, Quando Quando Quando, I Only Want To Be With You, Grow Old With You, Close To You, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, C’est Si Bon (2nd March-in), For The First Time, She, From This Moment, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Dreaming Of You, I Finally Found Someone, A Moment Like This

Love Story:

You know what people say about Love At First Sight? Well, it did not happen between Goh Tan and Stephanie. In fact, Stephanie found Goh Tan slightly off-putting at first glance, because of his blond hair and the chains he was fond of wearing.

I still remember how Goh Tan described the moment he realised that Stephanie liked him. According to him, Stephanie is not wont to express her feelings in a physical manner. But one day, Stephanie suddenly gave him a neck rub. That simple act was enough to show that Stephanie had feelings for him, and they got together soon after.

Wedding Tip:

Think of creative challenges for the couple to overcome. Read about Yeow Wei and Yean Yean’s wedding for more ideas!

Compliments from the photographer, Eugene, from Chris Ling:

Music has always been an important part of my life/work. It puts me in the right frame of mind to capture the images that I am looking for. Even where there is no music to be had, I tend to hum a little tune to myself to cut out distractions and keep my focus. With you guys around, there is no need for humming. I am singing along and tapping my foot (if only on the inside) and with the guests enjoying themselves too, it’s so much easier to capture nice moments.

Highlights of the evening for me were: Let’s Fall In Love and She. Hope to see you guys again soon cos you really help me do better 🙂

(Hsin Yeow: You’re welcome, Eugene, have always enjoyed your work too!)

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My favourite shot!
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Compliments from Stephanie:

Hi A Little Dream,

Hope this compliment isn’t too late. = )

It’s a real pity that me and Goh did not get to enjoy the whole performance. But i’m really happy to know that my guests enjoyed themselves. Many of my guests complimented on how well the band had enhanced the whole wedding dinner. Even my Father-in-law’s friends complimented on the band, something which is very rare (this is what my FIL told me)

Bev, special thanks to u cause its yr singing at Conrad which wowed my hubby into my idea of engaging a band.

Hsin Yeow, thanks for the fantastic performance and i would like to apologize for all the unplanned stuff which occurred at the wedding but it goes to show what a gd emcee u r. Tackling the situation so well that nobody knew that it was last min.. aren’t U r a real fast thinker..

Last but not least, I would like to send my deepest thanks once again to all of u in the band for adding this magical touch that made my most memorable day so resplendent.

I must say yr band is definitely a little dream come true for all wedding couples.