Junxiong’s Thoughts: 第几个100天

During Lim Koon and Susi’s wedding banquet, there were a few phrases that I remember vividly from the groom’s thank you speech:  “We have known each other for 6 year 8 months & 11days”, “though I am not the most romantic boyfriend, I promise I will be the most faithful husband…”. This subtly reveals to us how strong and deeply devoted this couple is towards each other.

To add on, Susi was pleasantly surprised by Lim Koon’s song performance right after the thank you speech. Lim Koon had selected a sentimental piece “第几个100天” which he serenaded beautifully to our startled bride right before all the guests. Needless to say, it did not take long before Susi broke into tears of happiness, a moment that easily touches all our hearts…

Congratulations again, Lim Koon and Susi! With your unwavering love and conviction for each other, there is definitely bound to be many many more “100天” in your new journey together. Enjoy!


L to R: Jun Xiong, Hui Bing, Susi, Lim Koon & Joel

Band: Hui Bing, Jun Xiong & Joel


Every Day I Love You (1st march-in), I Wanna Be With You (1st Dish), I Knew I Loved You, L-O-V-E, 给我你的爱 (Give Me Your Love), 第几个100天  (The 100th Day), Quando Quando Quando, 爱得正好 (Just In Love), 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency), 我们的爱 (Our Love)

A Moment Like This (2nd march-in), From This Moment, I Love You, Valentine, Your Love (Is The Greatest Gift Of All), So Nice, Say Yes, Angels Brought Me Here, Everlasting Love, 今天你要嫁给我 (Today You’re Marrying Me)

Compliments from Susi:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

We just want to extend our thanks to Junxiong, Huibing, Joel and Nicky for organizing and ensuring the live band will run smoothly.

Thanks for being part of our spectrum to shine colorful rainbow on our wedding day.  Junxiong & Huibing, together with the pianist, you guys have delivered a superb excellence performance that evening comprising all our favorite songs and your beautiful vocal have really impressed most of our guests and US of course.

Junxiong, thanks for being our emcee, we simply love your emcee styles  😉

Thanks again.

Koon & Susi