Ariel’s thoughts: Lucky

Alice and Rigan contacted A Little Dream way back in January this year and expressed their interest to engage a live band for their wedding in April. The lovely couple subsequently got in touch with me and came to watch my brief rehearsal at one of our clients’ weddings. Despite our brief encounter, I was deeply impressed with their Christian faith and understood that the couple wanted their guests to share their joy with songs of gratitude for God. As it turned out, Rigan and Alice’s union was a miraculous story of divine intervention, particularly the fact that both of them were separately from Singapore and Hong Kong. It was no wonder the couple were convinced they needed to celebrate their matrimony with Christian songs.

Just as the wedding invited a mix of Hong Kong, Malaysian and Singaporean guests, the songs selected by the couple catered to all ages, languages and dialect. First off, Jixiang (guitar) and Boon Chye (saxophone) delivered a flawless Pachelbel Canon in D Major to pave the way for the couple’s first march-in.

Then, we proceeded to serenade the guests with Christian, Mandarin, Cantonese and English numbers. But what took our breath away was Boon Chye’s remarkable rendition of Kenny G’s The Moment during the couple’s second march-in. Some of the guests had initially thought it was piped-in music, only to realise that Boon Chye was playing the tune! To sum it all, the band wished the couple our well wishes with the song Lucky and we hope they will have many years of happiness.

Thank you, Alice and Rigan, for inviting us to perform at your wedding! And we echo the emcee’s words that evening: “May your grandsons fill the halls”!

L-R: Ji Xiang, Boon Chye, Rigan, Alice, Ariel

Band: Ariel, Jixiang & Boon Chye


Pachelbel Canon in D Major (1st March-in), Love of My Life, 至少还有你 (There’s Still You), 坚持到底 (To the End), 彩虹下的约定 (The Promise under the Rainbow), 小情歌 (Little Love Song), Get Here, 当你 (When It Happens), This is Our God, 祷告 (Prayer), Falling Slowly, 矜持 (Modesty)

The Moment (2nd March-in), 月光 (Moonlight), 最珍贵的角落 (The Most Precious Corner), 勇气 (Courage), 爱是不保留 (Love Unwithheld), 默契 (Tacit Understanding), 小酒窝 (Dimples), 偶然遇上的惊喜 (Serendipitous Surprise), 疼你的责任 (Act of Loving You), 心肝宝贝 (My Precious One), Lucky


Dear Ariel and Team (both on-stage and back-stage),

Thank you for performing at our wedding. Everyone enjoyed the wedding tremendously – the live band complemented the superb cuisine, fine wine, and cosy ambience of the Hibiscus Room.

Our guests were also very impressed by Ariel’s versatility in singing English, Chinese, and Cantonese songs! When we pointed out that many of our songs were new to Ariel, they were even more impressed!

We wish you all the best, and will surely recommend you to our relatives, friends, and colleagues for all happy occasions.

Alice & Rigan