Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Finally, Love Changes Everything!

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Teck Soon and Siew Foong
When I agreed to sing for Siew Foong, I had to double-check the date, because 3rd of March was Friday, and her ROM cum wedding lunch was supposed to start at 10 in the morning. Strange, maybe Friday morning was an auspicious time for them to get married?

Predictably, the ballroom started filling up around lunch time. But Siew Foong and Teck Soon didn’t seem to mind. They were very easy-going, and appeared to be less nervous than other couples I’ve seen.

What I enjoyed most about the performance was being able to sing so many different genres of songs: from pop-rock (Everything I Do, All For Love), pop (Truly Madly Deeply), R&B (One Love) and even a musical showstopper (Love Changes Everything, from the musical Aspects of Love). I had a great time, nonetheless, and the applause from the audience was really gratifying.

Ein Ein and Wilson were also asked to accompany Teck Soon’s father, who wanted to sing 草原之夜 (A Night At The Grasslands). Even though the lyrics weren’t quite appropriate for the occasion, the audience lapped it up, because Teck Soon’s father had a really good voice.

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Teck Soon’s father crooning into the microphone
Another enduring memory was the enthusiastic belting of “Yum Seng!” by one of the couple’s aunties. Normally the Brothers would be the loudest group onstage, but this auntie was giving them a run for their money. Way to go, auntie!

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Yum Seng!
Band: Hsin Yeow, Ein Ein & Wilson


A Groovy Kind Of Love, Everything I Do (I Do It For You), I Knew I Loved You, Love Me, Truly Madly Deeply, No Matter What, Can You Feel The Love Tonight?, One Love, Love Is All Around, Picture Of You, All For Love, Love Changes Everything

Wedding Tips:

(1) Choose songs from different genres
(2) Ask your parent to sing a song!

Compliments from Siew Foong:

21 March 07

Dear Hsin Yeow,

Thank you so much & appreciate that you still remember our anniversary.

By the way, my families & friends were very happy with overall set-up, songs, and of course yourself (singer & emcee).

In fact, my family thought you are one of my friends as you look so approachable & friendly.

Please extend my greetest regards & thanks to your team! Well done!!

Siew Foong