Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: A Fairy-tale Wedding

Junkai and Ziwei got acquainted in Junior College. They started off as pen-pals; Junkai was the “angel”, writing letters to Ziwei, aka the “mortal”. Thus began the angel-mortal story.

The couple’s wedding was unique in the sense that every song had a specific purpose in relating their love story. Take the first song for instance. It was “Guardian Angel”, and as I started singing, the door opened to reveal a little boy, who walked onstage and deposited an envelope into a letter box. As I went on, a little girl appeared, took and letter and opened it. That was the cue for Junkai and Ziwei to enter the ballroom!

There was a song to represent every stage of their relationship. In fact, the song titles themselves are self-explanatory. From “The First Time” to “Safe In A Crazy World” (they are both teachers) to “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”. They also dedicated songs to their friends, and even included an original song, 只为那爱我愿 (I’m Willing Because Of that Love), which sang of love for their alma mater!

Congratulations Junkai and Ziwei! Thank you for giving us this truly unique experience. Hope to meet the both of you again very soon!

Photographs courtesy of 36 Frames

L-R: Qiuyun, Bevlyn, Ziwei, Junkai and Hsin Yeow

Band: Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn and Qiuyun


Guardian Angel (1st march-in), 浪漫手机 (Romantic Mobile Phone), 对你有感觉 (Special Feelings for You), Way Back Into Love, 很好 (It Feels Right), 第一次 (The First Time), 三个心愿 (Three Wishes), 非你莫属 (I’m Yours Exclusively), 最快乐那一年 (The Happiest Year), Safe in a Crazy World, 可乐戒指 (Coke-tab Ring), 我的依赖 (I Depend On You)

L-O-V-E (2nd march-in), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 同手同脚 (Walking with You), 隐形的翅膀 (Invisible Wings), On The Side Of Me, 一个像夏天一个像秋天 (Like Summer and Autumn), 分享 (Sharing), 只为那爱我愿 (I’m Willing Because Of that Love), Rainbow Connection, 有你在 (You’re with Me), Nothing’s Gonna To Change My Love For You, La Vie En Rose

Compliments from the Couple:

Dear Bevlyn, Hsin Yeow and crew,

谢谢你们的用心诠释,为整个婚宴营造了浪漫感人的气氛。尤其是在短短的几十分钟内,你们就能准备好我们理想中的1st March In呈献方式,真是让人惊赞不已!



隽凯 与 子薇

Songs To Recommend:

Guardian Angel

浪漫手机 (Romantic Mobile Phone)

对你有感觉 (Special Feelings for You)

Safe in a Crazy World

很好 (It Feels Right)

最快乐那一年 (The Happiest Year)