Bevlyn’s thoughts: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Not all storms brew trouble, at least not for this one. Here’s how it goes for Rena and Christopher:

Rena: “Chris & I met each other through tennis lesson. We were in the same group and from there, we became friends. Though we were in the same group, he didn’t quite leave an impression. It was only during a heavily rained tennis session that I got to see the gentleman in him. Well, he gave me his umbrella and braved the rain. It was quite a distance before there was any shelter and by then, he was drenched. I then offered my concerns. As he now admits, it was already then that he was attracted to me. Oddly, it was from such a small episode that we left an impression on each other. Along the way, we had more tennis sessions and well…”

Another thing which amazed me:

Chris: “… she had done many sweet things for me like giving me cards with words of support every month, giving me support when I am down and always surprising me with gifts which I least expected.”

I was full of anticipation to meet this lovely couple, and after a rather scary experience of going to the wrong hotel, I was stunned again when I saw Chris at the reception – he is actually one of my groupmates in one of the orientation camps way back in NUS!

Photo montage which features childhood to adult photos of the couples are very common nowadays, but Chris and Rena’s one sought to share their love story with their guests, by having the storyline in text below the photos, as if told in their own words.

During rehearsal, Chris’ father walked up to us and asked if we can perform “Love Me Tender” as it’s his favourite song. I had no lyrics but thank goodness for internet through mobile phone, we were able to dedicate the song to him! 🙂

Band: Bevlyn, Ein Ein


For the first time (1st march-in), Fallen, 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing), 宝贝 (Babe), Bubbly, When You Say Nothing At All, Have I Told You Lately?, Kiss Me, 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, 給我一個吻 (Give Me A Kiss), Dream a Little Dream

L-O-V-E (2nd march-in), Love Me Tender, You Were There, Valentine, What A Wonderful World, So Nice, When I’m 80, Can’t Help Falling In Love, That’s When I Love You, 多可爱的玫瑰花 (What A Cute Rose), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, 爱是你眼里的一首情歌 (Love Is A Song In Your Eyes)

Special Dedication:

Love Me Tender

Wedding Tip:

Share your love story with your guests – it’ll definitely leave a stronger impression in them, and help them to share your joy in more depth!