Lim Hui’s thoughts: Close To You

I was welcome by some of the most gracious and charming hosts at Hilton Hotel’s Panaroma Room during Chueh Yik and Tze Kheng’s wedding reception on 20 Sept 2009.

The dazzling bride, Chueh Yik, was captivatingly sweet and the bridegroom, Tze Kheng, looked all ready to welcome his guests in his stunning suit.

Guests of Chueh Yik and Tze Kheng relaxed by the pool during the cocktail reception, while basking in soothing jazz tunes and evergreen favourites played on my violin, ranging from Fly Me To The Moon to 月亮代表我的心。(The Moon Represents My Heart)

One thought I had after meeting the charismatic couple, they were such a delightful match, both husband and wife warm, welcoming and i have to say, really magnetic, in every sense of the word!

Violinist: Lim Hui


Fly Me To The Moon, (They Long to Be) Close To Yo), L-O-V-E, Over the Rainbow, When You Wish Upon The Star, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Somewhere Out There, When I Fall In Love, Way Back Into Love

Compliments from Chueh Yik:


Hi Hsin Yeow,

Lim Hui was great that night. She really made a difference to our wedding reception. The march-in was indeed memorable.

Will send you the reception’s photos once we get them. Thanks for your good service.

Chueh Yik