Bevlyn’s Thoughts: The Prayer

There is something special about the songs Andrew and Michelle have chosen. First of all, they’ve chosen a traditional instrumental song “Here Comes The Bride” for their 1st march-in. Honestly, I love it, cos though it may sound ‘passé’ to some people, I thought that hearing this music truly brings out the essence of a wedding:

And instead of using a CD to play some upbeat song for the 1st dish, the couple decided on the slow romantic number “When I need you” to set the romantic mood for the evening:

One of my favourite numbers was performed by Jeremy, and all the teenage nostagia came rushing back when I heard the song “Dying inside to hold you”:

Andrew and Michelle have chosen an all-English repertoire, but there were some guests who came up to request for some Mandarin songs, which we gladly obliged. Some of the songs we delivered included 《给我一个吻》,《我只在乎你》,《月亮代表我的心》.

But our finale for the evening was this grand number titled “The Prayer”:

Congratulations to Andrew & Michelle! 🙂

Band: Bevlyn, Jeremy, Ein Ein & Boon Chye

Repertoire: Here Comes The Bride (1st March-in), From This Moment On (2nd March-in), When I Need You, Just the Way You Are, Dying Inside to Hold You, There’s a Kind of Hush, Come Away with Me, Let’s Just Fall in Love Again, The Prayer, Marry You, At Last, Just the Way You Are, Endless Love, In My Life, I’ll Be There, Heureux Tous Les Doux (Happy Together), What A Wonderful World, Train, 1 2 3 4, Grow Old With Me, Hey There, Delilah, Better Together