Matthew’s thoughts: ‘S Wonderful!

In the span of just 2 months, I’ve already done 2 weddings in the Changi Terrace of Holiday Inn Atrium!  As some of you might remember from my previous blog entry, they give out the pretty melamine saucer plates as wedding favours! (STILL can’t get my hands on one. sigh.)

Having the solemnization ceremony held outdoors at the open-air area next to the ballroom (it’s not just a glorified smoking-area!) Andrew and Elsie did well in engaging Pastor Wong, who made sure everyone there knew that marriage was a contract between two, and is probably the only sound investment in these economically troubled times! (it’s supposed to sound more romantic than that, but hey, I’m a guy.)

He even did the classic “the wedding ring is never ending, it’s a circle!” routine! He definitely kept the crowd happy with his cheerful style of conducting the ceremony! Another person who contributed to the magic was our saxophonist-of-the-day, Jonathan Lim, who was on Kenny G duty once again.

Incidentally, I think they had the actual Kenny G song playing in the background in the CD or something, which kinda helped fool the guests that it was a CD playing instead of our dear Jonathan Lim! He gave a wonderful rendition of the Wedding Song, though he couldn’t finish the entire song as the walk-in was pretty short.

Kudo’s to our dear Jun Xiong, who stepped out of his comfort zone and delivered all the jazz standards with ease! Needless to say, it’s magic when he got back into his element with the cantonese numbers. I also enjoyed playing David Tao’s 月亮代表誰的心 (Whose Heart Does The Moon Represent?). Super cool!

Band: Jun Xiong, Matthew, Jonathan Lim




L-R: Jun Xiong, Andrew, Elsie, Matthew, Jonathan Lim



Solemnisation: The Wedding Song

So Nice (1st march-in)
, The Way You Look Tonight, Everything, Fly Me To The Moon, Let’s Fall In Love, It Had To Be You, L-O-V-E, Our Love Is Here To Stay, Just The Way You Are, It Might Be You, If I Ain’t Got You, Desafinado, Girl From Ipanema


‘S Wonderful (2nd march-in), (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, The Look Of Love, La Vie En Rose, Come Fly With Me, 天天 (Every Day), 月亮代表谁的心 (Whose Heart Does My Heart Represent?), 你的名字我的姓氏 (Your Name, my Surname), 每天爱你多一些 (Every Day I Love You More), 我女人 (My Woman), Unforgettable

Compliments from Elsie & Andrew:

Hi Bev,

Thanks for helping me to coordinate with JunXiong and the rest of the band members. They are really great and I have no regrets to engage your band to perform on my big day.

Pls help to say thanks to the 3 of the music band members for being part of my celebration.

Elsie & Andrew