Matthew’s thoughts: Close To You

After too many name changes, it was amazing that Boon Chye and I managed to find Holiday Inn Atrium – it just wasn’t in our 2003 Street Directories! (The hotel used to be known as “Glass Hotel”. Ah ha!)

Anyway, I remember the night for a couple of reasons: I’m not sure if it was the couple or the hotel, but the minute I saw the wedding favours for each guest on the table, I plotted to take one home for myself, although ultimately unsuccessful.

It was your typical chinese melamine sauce plate (the kind you put soy sauce and chilli in) with a cute cartoon of a wedded couple printed in colour on the sauce plate’s face! Also, they had these black plastic cutouts of a stiletto shoe and a handgun placed alternately around the table, which I heard was meant for some table games.

Unfortunately we did not stay long enough to see how it was used. Another fun incident was a song request by the bride’s father. He wanted us to do Michael Learns To Rock’s “25 Minutes”. Now I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a BIG FAN of theirs, and I KNOW THAT SONG! But despite its wedding references – church, wedding dress, bride waiting in church etc. – the band unanimously voted that perhaps it wasn’t the best song to play at a wedding.

The ever-resourceful and versatile Juliet managed to whip up “Close To You” to replace it – NICE SAVE…

On a sweeter note, it’s nice to know that besides choosing all the songs on the set list for the evening which was meant for entertaining the guests, the couple specifically designed the evening to end with a song dedication of “Butterfly Kisses” for their parents. That, together with a flower presentation, on top of a thank-you speech already done, must have made their parents real proud!

I’ll never ever forget that this wedding banquet had the LOUDEST ‘yam seng’ EVER. The brothers on stage managed to channel their ‘internal chi’ into the microphone – you know how hotel AV technicians turn down microphones during the toasting to ‘protect’ their sound systems? in this case, they didn’t.

Somehow, Boon Chye and I were outside the ballroom on our way to our bathroom break awaiting the 2nd march-in, and we were HIT by the wall of sound coming from INSIDE, despite the protection of the ballroom doors! ha. after that, we weren’t afraid of anyone complaining that the band was too loud. Still, we appreciate Boon Chye’s efforts in using all his skill and breath control to keep his volume down, magic up!

Band: Juliet, Boon Chye, Matthew


Now That I’ve Found You, A Love That Will Last, You’re Where I Belong, Valentine, What A Wonderful World, Show Me Heaven, L-O-V-E, Fall for You, Just The Way You Are, I’m Yours, Love Me

You Are The Love of My Life, Loving You, From This Moment, Besame Mucho, Love Me Tender, Wonderful Tonight, Eternal Flame, Butterfly Kisses, Sway

Compliments from Susie & Ivan:

We would like to thank you, Juliet, Mathew and Boon Chye for making our wedding night on the 6th Dec 2008 so wonderful!

Many of our guests commended that Juliet’s voice was absolutely beautiful! Although, I didn’t have a chance to thank them personally (it was a really stressful night for me!) but if you could convey my heartfelt thanks to all 3 of them that would be so wonderful!

Of course there were funny incidents whereby my Dad wanted to dedicate “25 Minutes” as it was his favourite song without realising the message of the song, Juliet subtly switched it to another song. ;p

Once again, thank you very much and I would definitely send you guys pics of the band performing on that night once I have it!

Best regards,
Susie & Ivan