Bevlyn’s Thoughts: By Your Side

This is one of the very memorable weddings for me:

1. Each guest got a cute-looking cupcake as the wedding favour (see picture below).

2. Fabian noticed the western set menu, and I noticed how intricately designed it was (we were later told that the couple had hand-made the menu themselves, ribbons, glues, tapes, scissors and all. Wandy even confessed to being a bride-zilla haha!)

3. Even before the banquet started, my band and I were fascinated by the statistically high number of pretty girls in sophisticated dresses at any wedding – we found out later that Iskandar and Wandy are our SIA boy and girl respectively! WOW!

4. What better gifts from friends, then your wedding’s photo montage and video highlight express? The couple were caught off-guard by the surprise gifts, especially Wandy who was half-laughing and half-sulking when she saw how her friend had included some ‘supermodel poses’ of her in the montage. I thought she looked really cool though.

5. The couple chose an excellent 2nd march-in song – By Your Side by Sade. Wandy adorned the red carpet in a gorgeous navy blue dress with accompanying silver jewellery (the bracelet was a bang!).

6. Wandy was put through the challenge of recognising Iskandar by touching his….leg. After touching 3 men in a queue, Wandy stopped at Iskandar’s leg and said “I think this is him. Hmmmm”. She continued to grapple 2 other men’s legs (hair, muscle and all), sock and shoe before confirming her choice. I have to say she passed with flying colours!

7. Iskandar’s challenge was difficult of a different nature. The challenge was posed by Wandy, who requested for him to dance “Ice Ice Baby” in front of all the guests. We were told that Iskandar had so far performed it only to Wandy. Along to some friends’ a cappella music accompaniment of the song (which was also quite hilarious), Iskandar’s attempts were met with raucous laughter. Claiming it to be the most embarressing day of his life, Iskandar was finally let off only when he sang 2 lines of “Ice Ice Baby”. That’s what happens at your wedding when you have such fun-loving friends!

A very fun wedding indeed, the band had a great time soaking in the atmosphere! We wish Wandy and Iskandar many more fun and happy days ahead. Congratulations!


L-R: James, Windson, Iskandar, Wandy, Bevlyn, Fabian

Band: Bevlyn, Windson, James & Fabian


When I Fall In Love (1st March-in), By Your Side (2nd March-in), The Way You Look Tonight, La Vie En Rose, Cheek to Cheek, Let’s Start From Here, Blue Moon, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Strangers In The Night, Quando Quando Quando, At Last, Dream A Little Dream, Wishing and Hoping, Happy Together, I Love You, Let’s Do It, Sway, Wonderful Tonight, LoveFool, You Are The First, The Last, My Everything, Close To You, Something Stupid.

Songs to Recommend:

By Your Side by Sade – suitable for march-in or a wedding song!

Lovefool by Cardigan/Olivia Ong – as a Cardigan fan, I am most happy to sing this song!

Compliments from Couple:

Hi Bevlyn,

Thanks so much for the performance today! We wished we could stay there and see you all perform! The boss of Holiday Inn Parkview heard you guys performed and was impressed!! And the manager wants to get the band’s contact, so will let them know. Thanks again.

Wandy & Iskandar