Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Thank You For Loving Me

Apparently, the best sport to get to know someone better is roller blading. Think of it, if the lady you’re trying to blade with has some difficulty balancing, the most natural thing to do would be to hold her hand!

After some hand-holding and chit-chatting, Alex and Marie embarked on a relationship that culminated in a beautiful wedding at the Palm Terrace of The Legends Country Club at Fort Canning.

Several things made the wedding memorable for me. One came in a pint-sized package of Wei Dong, an adorable boy who came up onstage to sit with us while we sang. He was perfectly content to soak in the atmosphere and occasionally flash a toothy smile at us while we performed the songs Alex and Marie had chosen.

Wei Dong appeared to be a veteran at weddings too, judging by the enthusiastic cheer of “Yum seng!” when it was time for the toasting.

Here’s Wei Dong with Juliet

Another highlight was the spontaneous performance of Michael Buble’s Home by Alan, Alex’s older brother. Alan’s love for his brother was evident in his speech, which he gave before singing. He gave Alex the best piece of marriage advice ever, “The one thing I’ve learnt about a marriage is that you never stop working at it. I’ve been married for over 10 years, and I know it’s a constant learning process, and you just gotta keep on nurturing the relationship.” Incidentally, Alex performed Home at his own wedding too!

Alex, gave a surprise of his own too, when I persuaded him to sing Forever Love, a song he chose to sing earlier that day as part of the gate crashing process (where he had to undertake a series of challenges before he could meet his bride). It was showcased in the video highlights, so I thought, “Why not get Alex to sing it onstage?”

Alex agreed, and his impromptu performance made Marie tear with joy.

Alex’s performance of Forever Love

When the evening was drawing to a close, the emcees urged the couple to have a First Dance. Although we had already started packing, we could not resist performing an encore, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, for Alex and Marie’s dance. The look of joy on Marie’s face was reward enough.

Band: Hsin Yeow, Juliet, Joel, Shoujie

L-R: Shoujie, Joel, Juliet, Marie, Alex, Hsin Yeow
This is Shoujie’s final performance before he leaves for London. All the best to you, Shoujie!


You Are The Love Of My Life (1st march in), 今天你要嫁给我 (I’m Marrying You Today), 你是我心內的一首歌 (You’re A Song In My Heart), 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency), Eternal Flame, If We Hold On Together, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Close To You, It’s Gonna Be Love, Fallen, This Kiss, Beautiful Love, 感谢你用心爱着我 (Thank You For Putting Your Heart Into Loving Me)

Quando Quando Quando (2nd march in), 小情歌 (A Short Love Song), The Way You Look Tonight, Wonderful Tonight, She’s The One, When You Say Nothing At All, More Than Words, Forever Love, 一首简单的歌 (A Simple Song)

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Songs To Recommend:

感谢你用心爱着我 (Thank You For Putting Your Heart Into Loving Me) – I had the chills when Marie chose this, because I knew Juliet’s dulcet voice would be perfect for this song. And I was right!

一首简单的歌 (video) (A Simple Song) – Another touching ballad by Lee Hom.