Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Best Birthday Present Ever

What’s the best birthday present you can think of? Yvonne certainly raised the bar. Listen to her story…

“I organised a party to celebrate Derick’s birthday, which falls on National Day. I booked a room at Swissotel The Stamford, and got some friends over to enjoy the fireworks and the fantastic view. Somehow he knew about my plan, but he played along with me and even acted surprised 🙂

That night, he proposed to me in front of our friends, and I said, YES!”

Thanks, Yvonne, for sharing your story and the beautiful photos taken that night!

Yvonne and Derick celebrated their marriage at the beautifully-decorated Palm Terrace of The Legends Country Club. What made it even more special was the fact that,

“My close classmates from College and Secondary School will be there. My close galfriend from IJ , Joanne, who had moved to Australia, is back for Holidays and will be attending the wedding! Two of my close galfriends, Angelvin and Jacquelyn, will be coming onstage to make a speech. Angelvin and I attended the same kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School and even the same Junior College! Jacquelyn, my ex-colleague, kept in touch with me frequently; we also went for a holiday to London and Paris together last year.”

Eleanor, whose emcee-ing skills were described as “flawless”, was instrumental in making the proceedings flow smoothly. Wilson provided live entertainment as he sang and played classic love songs.

Congratulations, Yvonne and Derick! Thank you for engaging us to be a part of your wedding.

Band: Eleanor (emcee) and Wilson (singer-guitarist)


爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), When You Say Nothing At All, It Might Be You, Grow Old With You, Now & Forever, Have I Told You Lately, Can’t Help Falling In Love