Heen Onn and Swee Hong met through their mutual friend Florence years ago but sparks did not fly in the beginning! It was more of a slow burn between the two rather than love at first sight. But as they started to get to know each other better, their love  blossomed. Heen Onn is a Singaporean while Swee Hong is a Singapore PR originally from Penang, hence the couple jokes that they are actually contributing to better SG-Malaysian ties 🙂

What is so representative of their second march-in song Lover’s Concerto is the fact that it is also the tune of the music box that Heen Onn had given to Swee Hong as a birthday gift. 

Congratulations on your marriage Heen Onn and Swee Hong and thank you for having Jee Yon (emcee, vocals + guitar) + Ywenna (vocals + piano) entertain your guests!


  1. Always ~ Atlantic Starr
  2. Lucky ~Jason Mraz + Colbie Caillat
  3. You are the reason~ Calcum Scott + Leona Lewis
  4. .你最珍贵~Jacky Cheung + Gao Hui Jun
  5. Endless Love ~ Lionel Ritchie + Diana Ross
  6. Tonight I celebrate my love ~ Roberta Flack + Peabo Bryson
  7. 恋爱频率 ~ Andy Hui + Evonne Hsu
  8. 有点甜 ~ 汪蘇瀧 +BY2
  9. A whole new world ~ Peabo Bryson +Regina Belle
  10. 听妈妈的话 ~ Jay Chou (*for mother’s day)
  11. Beautiful In White ~ Shane Filan (*1st March In)
  12. A Lover’s Concerto ~ Kelly Chen (*2nd March In )
  13. A Thousand Years ~Christina Perri
  14. From this moment On ~Shania Twain
  15. 我愿意 ~ Faye Wong
  16. Love Paradise ~ Kelly Chen
  17. When you say nothing at all ~Ronan Keating
  18. 告白气球~Jay Chou
  19. 喜欢你 ~Beyond
  20. 海阔天空 ~ Beyond
  21. Perfect ~ Ed Sheeran
  22. 朋友 ~ Alan Tam