Band: Bevlyn (vocals), Mei (piano), Melvin (double bass)

The event opened with a bang with the staff of IDS Medical System singing a song together, complete with choreography. When we say that they owned the stage, we meant it literally too because there were so many staff on the stage that evening, and everyone was so enthusiastic!

Bevlyn was invited to perform at this prestigious event, with Meimei on piano and Melvin on double bass.

…. but for the 2nd set of the performance, the ‘sabo’ began… people were arrowed to come on stage to sing songs..and some of them even volunteered themselves!!
Novotels on Stevens Singapore ballroom

Singing ‘Dancing Queen’…

Thank you IDSMED, you guys were all so fun and awesome!


Close to you
So nice
Don’t know why
Till there was you
It had to be you
I love you for sentimental reasons
La vie en rose (French)
Over the rainbow
Our love is here to stay
Wonderful tonight
Let’s fall in love

Girl from ipanema
You are the sunshine of my life
Come away with me
Fly me to the moon
The way you look tonight
What a difference a day made
Dream a little dream
保温 (“Little Nyona” subtheme song)

Song requests:

Dancing Queen, Let’s Twist Again, 告白气球, etc