Judy’s thoughts: If I Ain’t Got You

The wedding had already started when I arrived.  The couple decided to have their solemnization ceremony just before the wedding lunch reception. It was an event-filled afternoon, with back-to-back performances by ALD, and friends of the couple.

The ballroom was huge but most definitely packed. From the moment I stepped into the ballroom, I could feel that love was in the air. It must be a very happy moment not only for the couple, but also for the guests.

Alvin and Charmaine (who looked really pretty in her wedding gown by the way) were busy the whole afternoon, going round to speak to their guests, and I could see how appreciative they were. From tiem to time, the lovely couple would look towards myself, Matthew and Ivan and nod his head, as if approving our renditions of the songs he selected.

I was glad that I chose the right song, If I Ain’t Got You, by Alicia Keys, to end our entertainment segment. It was clearly one of Alvin’s favourites as I could see him singing along with me while walking around taking pictures with his guests. Lots of love and blessing to this young and joyful couple!

Band: Judy, Matthew & Ivan


Love Of My Life (1st March-in), Way Back Into Love, Grow Old With You, You Raised Me Up, Fly Me To The Moon, L-O-V-E, If I Ain’t Got You, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), Haven’t Met You Yet, Vanilla Twilight, You Give Me Something, Everlasting Love, I’m Yours/Love Story (2nd March-in)


Hi Bevlyn,

I just got back today.

I’ll send you some photos when they are ready probably in a couple of weeks.

I must say that Judy is really a very good singer! Although the performance was cut short due to timing issues, my wife and I enjoyed the performance and some of the guests also liked Judy’s singing as well.

Matthew was also very good with the march in/out song arrangements with his originality.

Thanks so much for all this time, with the discussions and requests.


Song To Recommend

Vanilla Twilight by Owl City