Brandon and Xiao Wen‘s personalities are polar opposite which would explain the strong magnetic attraction that pulled them towards one another. With her bubbly and outgoing personality, Xiao Wen drew the quiet and reserved Brandon to her. Brandon’s cute way of proposal by discreetly slipping the wedding ring onto Xiao Wen’s ring finger while she was asleep definitely was a delightful surprise for Xiao Wen to wake up!

Xiao Wen’s surprise gift back on their wedding day was priceless when she sang the song “你是我最深爱的人”. In collaboration with our talented guitarist, Cheng, she boldly expressed her love for Brandon on the stage “live”. What an exhilarating moment it was to see Brandon’s embarrassed big grin basking in that moment!

Here’s wishing this cute couple a ever-lasting love and marriage to come. Congratulations Brandon & Xiao Wen!

Band: Ariane (vocals & emcee), Cheng (guitar)

And thank you for this lovely testimonial!

Wedding Live Band Testimonial Review



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