Bevlyn’s Thoughts: White Christmas

“We studied the same course in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Electrical Engineering and happened to join the same CCA. During our first year in the poly, we got lots of chances to interact and study together. Throughout the first year, we got to know each other better and grown fond of each other. On 18 January 2000, Jason popped the question ” Will you be my girlfriend?” while studying in the computer lab. Xueying’s reply “OK lor, but got 6 months probation.” That’s when we started…”

Jason must have passed the probation with flying colours; 8 years on, Jason and Xue Ying finally became husband and wife. The wedding lunch was an enjoyable one with the guests’ enthusiastic applause, and incidentally, I had a friend among the guests!

Our talented violinist Shou-jie is also back from his studies in London, and I was more than ecstatic to be able to perform with him again. It was hard for me to hide my shock when I first saw him with his long hair and moustache. Joel termed that ‘artistic’. Looks like Joel and I have to try harder in that department to if we want to match him. 🙂

We got to thank Jason and Xue Ying for inviting us to be their wedding band and emcee. I also enjoyed singing the Christmas song “White Christmas“, first in slow ballad, then swinging it up! Xue Ying looked absolutely gorgeous in her gown, along with the cute little tiara. Here’s wishing the two of you more blissful 8 years down the road! Congratulations!


L-R: Bevlyn, Xueying, Jason, Shou Jie (he’s not wearing a wig, btw) & Joel


Band:  Bevlyn, Joel & Shou Jie


So Nice, Close To You, Dream A Little Dream, Kiss Me, 可乐戒指 (Coke Can Ring), Journey, Shakespeare In Love, Way Back Into Love, When I Fall In Love, Fly Me To The Moon, L-O-V-E

Let’s Start From Here, White Christmas, Beyond The Sea, La Vie En Rose (French), That’s Amore, 我一见你就笑 (I Smile Whenever I See You), Quizas Quizas Quizas, When You Wish Upon A Star, Everything, For Once In My Life, Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Song To Recommend:

That’s Amore by Frank Sinatra: Certainly a song I enjoyed singing with the waltz beats. I don’t think it’s me, I’m sure you’ll feel the touch of romantic fantasy when you hear this song!


Compliments from Jason & Xueying:

Hi Bevlyn,
Once again, thank you for your great peformance on our wedding day. We heard great feedback from our guests. They really enjoyed the performance. It’s a pity we are unable to hear the whole performance. All the best!
Jason and Xue Ying