Bevlyn’s thoughts: So Happy Together

…I can’t see me loving nobody but you
For all my life
When you’re with me
Baby the skies will be blue
For all my life…

The lyrics above essentially sum up what I think is the representation of Stanley and Eunice’s love for each other.

And we know that they put in a lot of effort together for their wedding celebration because just for the live band segment, they actually took the time to come down to various locations to watch us perform! We were ecstatic because it showed they were serious about getting a live band, and understood the magic which live music can bring about.

What was endearing during the celebration was to witness their solemnisation, and the videoclip which showed Stanley and his brothers battling the challenges thrown their way during the customary wedding. Stanley sportingly put on a very sexy red bra and g-string (of course on top of his own shirt and pants), while his brothers put on what looked like nappies and swayed their hips to the camera! Another challenge which Stanley spontaneously took on was to sing the popular Mandarin song 小薇 (Little Wei), in which he changed the lyrics to: “有一个美丽的小女孩, 她的名自叫做彩芬…” (There was a pretty girl, and her name is Caifen…)

All potential bridegrooms: Pls bear this set of lyrics in mind. Crooning a song to your bride from outside her bedroom is now so statistically possible you better be armed with this!

It was also another touching moment when Eunice nearly broke down while expressing her heartfelt thanks to her grandma, who was also on the verge of tears. We could all tell how good a relationship they have fostered over the years. 🙂

Initially, we weren’t quite sure if the audience were enjoying the songs because majority of them did not give much applause, though some of them were definitely looking at the band most of the time.

But the time came when we knew for sure that we made a difference – I heard a voice from the speakers singing the chorus of Forever Love on top of ZQ’s voice. I quickly scanned the ballroom and it didn’t take long before my eyes rested on a young lad crooning at the top of his voice with a cordless microphone while he was cheered on by his friends. It was specially dedicated to the lovely bride. Awwww….

Band: Bevlyn, ZQ, Jon Lim & Jon Ang

L-R: ZQ, Jon Ang, Stanley, Eunice, Bevlyn and Jon Lim

Quando Quando Quando, The Way You Look Tonight, Save The Last Dance For Me, Fallen, I Finally Found Someone, 爱很简单 (Love Is Simple), The Gift, She (1st March), La Vie En Rose, L-O-V-E, A Moment Like This, Close To You, Angels Brought Me Here, Just The Way You Are, Love Will Keep Us Alive, When I Fall In Love, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Happy Together (2nd March), Wonderful Tonight, Beautiful In My Eyes, Dream A Little Dream, 追 (Chase), So Nice, Forever Love

Wedding Tip:

Check out the live band by listening to them perform prior to your wedding