Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: This I Promise You

To all single men and women out there looking for a soul mate, Joanne and Eric have a tip to share: organise a primary school gathering!

Goodness knows if Joanne and Eric even remember how they were like when they were kids playing five stones or zero point. Nevertheless, sparks flew when they met again more than a decade after primary school graduation.

Joanne and Eric chose to hold their wedding ceremony in the grand ballroom of the Orchid Country Club. In spite of the cavernous space, I felt that the atmosphere was warm and convivial; everyone seemed intent on having a good time.

The video of Eric being “punished” by Joanne’s bridesmaids certainly helped to break the ice. I could hear peals of laughter from the guests as they watched poor Eric putting on lipstick, stuffing wasabi-laden food into his month, and singing his way into Joanne’s bedroom to receive his bride.

Edward, Stephen and I had a great time performing for the wedding. It was Edward and Stephen’s first collaboration together, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful music they created.

Congratulations Eric and Joanne, and thank you for inviting us to perform at your wedding!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Edward, Stephen Rufus

L-R: Hsin Yeow, Joanne, Eric, Edward, Stephen





I Do (Cherish You) (1st March-in), L-O-V-E, This I Promise You, Dream A Little Dream, 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), 你是我最深爱的人 (You’re The One I Love The Most), Quando Quando Quando, Lovin’ You, Beyond The Sea, When You Tell Me That You Love Me

今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Marrying Me Today) (2nd March-in), My Girl, You Can’t Say (Instrumental), 小情歌 (A Little Love Song), 月亮代表谁的心 (Whose Heart Does The Moon Represent?), Something Stupid, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, 心肝宝贝 (My Baby), 给我一个吻 (Give Me A Kiss), Sway

Audience dedication: Forever Love

Compliments from Joanne and Eric:


Hi Hsin Yeow,

Really wish to SAY a big Thank You to you guys for the great performance, it made it much more memorable!

So sorry that we didn’t manage to update you on time as we just return from our honeymoon 🙂

A lot of good reviews and too bad that we couldn’t sit and watch. Thanks so much for livening up the wedding ambience for the night!

We enjoyed the songs played and thank you for reading out my dedication too!

Hsin Yeow, thanks for your great support and coordination throughout the past few months and thanks Edward and Stephen, accompanied by their keyboard and saxophone performance. It was marvelous!

Cheers! Hsin Yeow, Edward, Stephen Rufus. All the best!
Luv, Eric & Joanne