Kenneth proposed to Amelia during their trip to Bali last year with a bit of a “surprise” for Amelia. Kenneth told Amelia that he had engaged a tour guide from the hotel in Ubud and unbeknownst to Amelia, this “tour guide” was actually also a local photographer whom Kenneth had found beforehand. When they reached the right spot in front of the waterfall, Kenneth got down on one knee and popped the question….and Amelia said yes! Kenneth suspected that Amelia must have been quite irritated with him before that, as he had told her to wear a nicer dress for a hike! (??)

Thank you Kenneth & Amelia for engaging Imelda (vocals & emcee) + Benjamin (piano) for your gorgeous wedding celebration. Blessed marriage ahead! 🙂


  1. Crazy little thing called love
  2. Everything in its time (Corinne May)
  3. I wish you love
  4. Just you and me (Zee Avi)
  5. Let’s stay together
  6. Love is a many splendored thing
  7. Love will keep us together
  8. Make you feel my love
  9. More than words
  10. Perfect
  11. Stars (Simply Red)
  12. Sunday Morning
  13. Sunshine of my life (Stevie wonder)
  14. This i promise you
  15. Treasure
  16. You and Me (Olivia Ong)
  17. Your song
  18. Ai hen jian dan
  19. Wo yuan yi
  20. Wo zhi zai hu ni
  21. Xiao xing yun
  22. Yi Zhi xiao yu san
  23. Mei Tian Ai Ni Duo Yi Tian
  24. Wan Shan Qian Shan Zong Shi Qing