Phil put in a lot of thoughts into proposing to Jeslin; he even came up with a list. Some of the ideas include :

– proposing during sunset at a beach resort (but he was worried that the diamond ring might be robbed);

– proposing during a cruise trip (quickly scrappd after he found out from Jeslin that she felt that cruises are boring and for retirees)

– proposing at an ice chapel at a ski resort in Hokkaido; but Jeslin slipped and fell twice, and Phil was too cold to speak (-18 degree celsuis), and the ice chapel was closed by the time they reached, hence so the idea was called off too

In the end, Phil successfully proposed to Jeslin after playing snow mobile at a less crowded snow area pointed out by a very nice guide who knew about his secret mission!

Thank you Phil & Jeslin for engaging Yokez (vocals & emcee) , Caleb (piano) and Selwyn (violin) for their wonderful wedding celebration at



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