Band: Bevlyn (vocals, emcee), Kevin (guitar), Ivan (saxophone)

Thank you Leonard & Lina for entrusting us with their wedding emceeing and live music entertainment!

Furama Riverfront Wedding

Furama Riverfront WeddingL-R: Ivan (saxophone), Bevlyn (vocals & emcee), Leonard & Lina, Kevin (guitar)

And here’s a wedding march-in song that we highly recommend:


1. Beautiful In White – 1st march
2. Eternal Flame
3. Inside your heaven
4. Lost in your eyes
5. Nothing’s gonna change my love
6. Now and Forever
7. You’re still the one
8. Forever Love – Lee Hom
9. Ai Hen Jian Dan
10. Wo Zhi Zai Hu Ni
11. Ni Shi Wo Zui Shen Ai De Ren
12. I Choose You (Ryann Darling) – 2nd march-in